Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Our London Clinic

Are you frustrated with unwanted body hair? Shaving, waxing and tweezing can be a painful, time consuming chore. If you’re looking to save time and achieve long-lasting results, it’s time to consider laser hair removal. Introduced in the mid 1990’s, laser hair removal has become one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the UK.

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in London, Courthouse Clinics is the right choice as we employ a team of highly trained laser specialists. During your laser hair removal treatment, we apply laser energy to targeted treatment areas. The energy passes safely through your skin and absorbed by your unwanted hair follicles. The result is a long-lasting discontinuation of hair growth.

In the days and weeks following your treatment at Courthouse Clinics London, you will begin to notice gradual hair loss. Because hair grows in cycles, a single laser hair treatment will not be able to target all of your hair follicles. Additional treatment sessions will be necessary to target all active hair follicles.

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Courthouse Clinics London is centrally located just 2 blocks from Harley Street. Our clinic is easily accessed via the M1, M25, M4 and M23 or via the Underground at Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Regents Park and Great Portland Street.  Click here to find out more information about this location.

At our London clinic we are proud to offer laser hair removal using the


The Soprano ICE boasts 3 key differences:

  • We are now able to treat difficult to reach areas  such as eyebrows, nasal hair and ears
  • It’s cooler, so can deliver much higher laser enegry making it an even more comfortable experience for those with darker skins
  • It can be used on tanned skins so is a year round treatment

Our bustling London location is open 7 days a week and boasts competitive prices and doctors available on-site daily. We offer an extensive range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments including VASER Lipo. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest standard of patient care and were awarded the 2011 Best Customer Service in the aesthetic industry.