Alizonne Rapid Weight Loss

Why do normal diets usually fail?

Normal diets fail for a number of reasons – lack of direction, impractical meal plans or disappointing results. The Alizonne diet works because it is specifically designed to counteract these common setbacks by providing you with the motivation and education you need, and meal plans that will keep satisfied.

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Alizonne Therapy

Sometimes a healthy diet and exercise programme just isn’t enough. Alizonne therapy is a revolutionary treatment programme that combines weight loss with body contouring. Designed by medical doctors, Alizonne therapy can dramatically improve your appearance and your long-term health. Treatment is comprised of four essential elements – ultrasound therapy, connective tissue massage, medical diet and stabilisation.

At Courthouse Clinics, we have an entire staff of medical professionals excited to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. Following a thorough medical history and physical examination, we will be able to devise a detailed treatment plan based on your current health and weight loss goals.

Alizonne therapy

What is Alizonne Therapy?

Alizonne therapy is a medically designed and supervised programme that can transform the size and shape of your body without surgical intervention. This programme is markedly different from other weight loss methods because it combines weight reduction techniques with non-surgical body contouring for more dramatic results.

How does Alizonne Therapy work?

Alizonne therapy is a comprehensive treatment programme that can be broken down into 4 phases:

  • Ultrasound therapy- weekly non-invasive ultrasound treatments designed to reduce fat tissue stored directly underneath the skin, otherwise known as the subcutaneous fat layer. These fat cells are particularly hard to target through conventional dieting alone. This treatment is usually performed in about 20 minutes.
  • Connective tissue massage- weekly non-surgical treatments that will firm and tighten your skin. Using specialised rollers, this massage will break down uneven fatty tissue under the skin and stimulate new collagen production. These treatments are performed immediately after ultrasound therapy and usually take about 30 minutes.
  • Alizonne diet- At the start of treatment, you will be provided with a precisely designed nutrition programme, along with a list of easy to prepare recipes. Your diet will also be supplemented with natural, purified proteins and amino acids.
  • Results and Stabilisation- Once you have made your body transformation, the final step is stabilisation. We will provide you with a maintenance programme based on an accurate measurements of your metabolic rate. Monthly follow-up visits will also be offered to keep you on track.


Why choose Alizonne?

Alizonne is a comprehensive weight reduction programme that can change your life. One of the key advantages to Alizonne therapy is that it is designed to target excess weight, while simultaneously reshaping and contouring your body.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The typical patient loses 3-4 stones over a 3-month treatment plan. However, it is possible for patients to lose significantly more.

What sort of results can I expect?

You should expect dramatic results. In addition to significant weight loss, you can anticipate an improvement in your body’s shape and contours. Patients are often unrecognisable following the initial phases of treatment. There are also many health benefits associated with weight loss that can be achieved through Alizonne therapy.


The Alizonne Therapy Treatment

The impressive effects of the contour shaping weight reduction can be seen without clothes.



Once you have decided that you would like to find out more about the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme, initially we recommend that you contact us by email using the contact form on this website or by telephone.

Alizonne Therapy® Produces Remarkable Results.

Who is an good candidate for Alizonne Therapy?

Alizonne therapy is suitable for most overweight or obese patients. Prior to treatment, we will be able to determine if you are an ideal candidate based on factors such as your medical history, current medications and cosmetic goals. Your health will be carefully monitored during all phases of treatment.


Weight loss food
Examples of Alizonne Therapy food during the first stage of treatment.

Following your medical consultation, you will be able to start your treatment as soon as your results are available, usually within 48 hours or at any time after that to suit your requirements.


Alizonne Therapy® Has Great Health Benefits.


If you would like to contact us to find out more about the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme, please get in touch with us by email using this Contact Form.

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