Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Our Birmingham Clinic

Shaving, waxing and plucking can be both time consuming and painful. Fortunately, there’s laser hair removal. Formerly introduced in the mid 1990’s, laser hair removal is a safe, effective and long- lasting way to eliminate unwanted facial or body hair, and has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK.

At Courthouse Clinics, we employ a diverse team of experts trained in the latest advancements in laser technology. During treatment, your laser specialist will administer concentrated beams of light to the target treatment areas. The light will pass through your skin and be absorbed by your hair follicles, resulting in a discontinuation of hair growth.

In the weeks following your treatment at our Birmingham location, the treated sections of hair will begin to gradually fall out. Because hair growth occurs in phases, laser hair removal requires multiple treatment sessions to achieve desired results.

Our Birmingham clinic is situated in the city centre, just moments away from the well-known Bull Ring shopping centre. We are readily accessible via three railway stations (Birmingham Moor Street Station, New Street Station, and Snow Hill Station) or via the M5 and M6.

At our Birmingham location, we employ a dedicated team of cosmetic doctors and medical aestheticians who are excited to meet you. Our Birmingham clinic boasts large, spacious treatment rooms and a friendly, professional atmosphere. In addition to laser hair removal, we are the only PRIORI and Vitage stockists in the city centre. We also run a successful Alizonne clinic and are fully equipped to perform minor surgical procedures.

Kamaljit, Age 27 – Birmingham

I chose Courthouse Clinics after conducting my own research on the internet. It seemed to be the only clinic that offered easy-to-understand information on what each procedure involved. From enquiry to treatment I was well looked after and left the clinic feeling happy and satisfied.

Wendy, Age 44 - Birmingham

Very happy with my treatment. It has made a big difference to my self-confidence and was so happy I have introduced my sister who is now also having treatment.The staff at the Birmingham clinic are always very professional and helpful.

Lynda, Age 39 - Birmingham

I have seen some good results with the facial treatment already after 3 treatments. The staff have always been very helpful and my therapist has been very professional and put me at ease.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

When you consider all of the pain associated with removing unwanted body hair, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing laser hair removal. It’s time to say farewell to bikini line cuts, rashes and razor bumps. Bikini laser hair removal can leave your skin soft, smooth and stubble-free. At Courthouse Clinics we offer our patients Soprano® XL bikini hair removal – an advanced, pain-free way to permanently eliminate your unwanted hair. Over the course of just a few quick treatment sessions, we can give you the results you want. Contact us for more information about our package discounts.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results in a friendly, professional atmosphere. Schedule a consultation at Courthouse Clinics, and our highly trained aestheticians would be happy to answer any questions you have about bikini hair removal.

At Courthouse Clinics, we choose Soprano® XL because it offers patients permanent, pain-free hair removal – an ideal solution for your more sensitive body regions. Soprano® XL is safer, more efficient and more powerful than many other methods and presents no risk of burning or scarring. Additionally, Soprano® XL laser treatments can be used on all skin types and hair colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions to reveal the answers. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call our dedicated customer care team on 0845 555 5050.

  1. Is it Effective?

    Yes, the technology is backed by world wide clinical research studies with proven results. The most effective results have been achieved on fair skin and darker hair however, black and darker skins can also be treated with our advanced Soprano lasers although they cannot be treated with intense pulsed light hair removal. The treatment is also unlikely to work for blonde or grey hair.

  2. How many treatments are needed?

    Laser only destroys hairs when they are in the growth phase. At any one moment 20% of hairs are resting or dormant. Repeated sessions will treat these hairs when they re-enter the growth phase. Generally all areas will require at least six to eight treatments. This depends on many factors including your skin and hair type, ethnic background, hormonal balance and skin sensitivity. It is not possible to categorically state how many treatments an individual will need, however this will be discussed at your consultation.

  3. What parts of the body can be treated?

    Laser can treat all external areas of the body and face.

  4. What does treatment involve?

    A cool gel is applied to the area to be treated. The laser hand-piece is placed gently against the skin and pulses of intense light are delivered into the hairs. At the time of the treatment some of the hairs are wiped off, however it can take up to two weeks for all the treated hairs to fall out.

  5. What can I expect to pay for treatment?

    It is recommended that you have a course of treatments and therefore discounted packages will apply. Maintenance prices are also offered at discounted rates. Please telephone our Customer Care Advisers for the cost of the area you wish to have treated.

  6. Does the treatment hurt?

    Laser hair removal is virtually pain free. You may feel a slight prickling sensation, particularly if the hair is course and dark. With new technology like Soprano XL the treatment is painless and feels like a warm massage.

Treatment Photographs


Treatment: Laser Hair Removal
Area Treated: Underarms
Treatment Length: 8 Treatments


Treatment: Laser Hair Removal
Area Treated: Forearms
Treatment Length: 8 Treatments

*Note: We aren’t able to offer Laser Hair Removal with the Soprano XL system at our Haywards Heath clinic.