Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Our Birmingham Clinic

Shaving, waxing and plucking can be both time consuming and painful. Fortunately, there’s laser hair removal. Formerly introduced in the mid 1990’s, laser hair removal is a safe, effective and long- lasting way to eliminate unwanted facial or body hair, and has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK.

At Courthouse Clinics, we employ a diverse team of experts trained in the latest advancements in laser technology. During treatment, your laser specialist will administer concentrated beams of light to the target treatment areas. The light will pass through your skin and be absorbed by your hair follicles, resulting in a discontinuation of hair growth.

In the weeks following your treatment at our Birmingham location, the treated sections of hair will begin to gradually fall out. Because hair growth occurs in phases, laser hair removal requires multiple treatment sessions to achieve desired results.

Our Birmingham clinic is situated in the city centre, just moments away from the well-known Bull Ring shopping centre. We are readily accessible via three railway stations (Birmingham Moor Street Station, New Street Station, and Snow Hill Station) or via the M5 and M6.

At our Birmingham location, we employ a dedicated team of cosmetic doctors and medical aestheticians who are excited to meet you. Our Birmingham clinic boasts large, spacious treatment rooms and a friendly, professional atmosphere. In addition to laser hair removal, we are the only PRIORI and Vitage stockists in the city centre. We also run a successful Alizonne clinic and are fully equipped to perform minor surgical procedures.

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