A Handy Guide to Anti-Ageing

They say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but it’s your hands that reveal the most where the ageing process is concerned. Most people (perhaps understandably) focus all their anti-ageing efforts and investments on their face, but neglecting your hands is most definitely a false economy, as they are especially vulnerable to environmental ageing factors and everyday wear and tear. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to ‘Love Your Hands’ this September, as part of Hand Rejuvenation Month. There have been huge advances in hand treatments over the past few years, and Courthouse Clinics offers a wide selection of treatments to help you turn back time. Peels, lasers and dermal fillers can all achieve excellent results – and don’t forget the humble hand cream, a key daily essential.
Pump up the volume
Mention Dermal Fillers and most people instantly think of lips, but used correctly, they can also restore youthful volume to hands, firming and plumping thinned skin and disguising prominent veins, tendons and knuckles. Radiesse is a specialist dermal filler we use only on the hands, and it achieves outstanding volumising effects that last up to 12-18 months. Chemical Peels are another effective way to improve skin texture and tone, and tackle sun damage, discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels speed up the body’s natural exfoliation and regeneration process, by chemically shedding the uppermost layer of skin all at once. This initiates an intense repair process that effectively counters damage such as scar tissue, age spots and tone and texture issues.
See the light
A less invasive alternative to chemical peels, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy is another multi-tasking skin rejuvenation treatment that is suitable for the hands, in addition to the face, neck and décolletage. IPL works by emitting different wavelengths of pulsed light, which are targeted to skin areas that are different to the surrounding tissues, such as scars, freckles, birthmarks, thread veins and pigmented areas. There is no downtime and the initial results are visible within a week or two, although more than one treatment may be needed to achieve the desired results. If you’re keen to explore how laser treatments can help your hands, Harmony ClearfLift could be exactly what you’re looking for. This uses a pixelated skin resurfacing laser that divides light into multiple fractions that penetrate deep into the dermis. The skin is regenerated from underneath, leaving no redness or telltale signs of treatment. Harmony ClearLift plumps, firms and tightens skin. Best of all, it helps to stimulate collagen, so results continue to improve over time as the hands’ collagen rebuilds. Of course, not all hand rejuvenation needs to be hi-tech. A daily moisturising hand cream is an easy way to help age-proof your hands. We love Medik8’s new Hydr8 B5 Hand Cream SPF 25, one of the hardest-working products on the market. Its instantly hydrating formula also delivers powerful anti-pollution and sun protection to shield, nourish and repair. In short, there’s no need to hide away your hands! Call us today to find out more about which hand rejuvenation treatment is best for you – and wave hello to youthful looking skin!