A New Way to Fight Acne

acne-fighting bacteria

Dr-Bowler-Blog-1Scientists at UCLA and Pittsburgh University have found that a harmless virus that lives on our skin – known as a phage – could potentially be used as a treatment for acne. The phage is believed to be programmed to naturally prey on spot-causing bacteria.

Acne is a very common problem, often affecting young people at a time when they are particularly conscious of their appearance. Increasingly, we are also seeing acne persisting into the older age groups. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the condition, although various treatment options do exist, some of which can be extremely effective. The phage virus treatment looks to be an interesting new approach but is clearly some time off becoming available.  Antibiotics, which are currently used to treat acne, can be effective, although some strains of acne bacterium have developed resistance to certain types, while other medicines can cause unwanted side effects. At Courthouse Clinics, we recommend a combination of treatments in order to achieve the best possible results. It´s often beneficial to combine conventional medical therapies with good skin care, gentle chemical peeling and LED light treatments such as Omnilux, which kill the acne bacteria in the skin, and have anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Dr Robin Stones