Considering Injectable Facial Treatments? – Questionnaire

consider Injectables
We have come up with a shortlist of questions that every potential patient should ask themselves before proceeding with any injectable treatment in order to get the best possible results as well as great peace of mind too! Go on ask yourself what you would choose? At Courthouse Clinics our primary concern is to deliver the best possible treatment that you deserve. We operate only in a safe medical environment and use doctors because we believe that safety and quality are essential to provide you with the best possible results. Like what you see?
Question 1. Would you consider getting treatments from an unregistered clinic? If you answered – Yes. At an unregistered ‘clinic’ there is no guarantee as to the standard of the treatment that you will receive. You could potentially be treated by inexperienced practitioners, which could possibly lead to complications following your treatment. Unlike Courthouse Clinics there is no guarantee you will be treated within a safe environment. If you answered – No. At Courthouse Clinics all of our treatments are carried out in a safe medical environment using approved products by doctors who are highly qualified in providing aesthetic treatments. All of our doctors are accredited by the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and all clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission as well as the IHAS register of injectable cosmetic providers. The IHAS register confirms that treatment standards and quality are approved and maintained for your reassurance and peace of mind. Question 2. Do you want to see the same practitioner from consultation, to prescription, to treatment and all the way through to your review? If you answered – Yes. At Courthouse Clinics we will guarantee that you will see the same practitioner from your initial consultation right the way through to your review appointment following treatment. Your practitioner will be able to advise you regarding the most appropriate treatments for yourself on an ongoing basis to achieve the best result. If you answered – No. In some clinics (outside of Courthouse Clinics) you may see numerous people including a patient coordinator, a doctor to prescribe and a different practitioner for treatment and for review. There is also no guarantee that you will see the same practitioner for future treatments. Question 3. Are you concerned what level of qualifications that your practitioner carrying out your injections has? If you answered – Yes. At Courthouse Clinics 98% of our injectable treatments are carried out by doctors. All doctors are highly experienced and have received comprehensive training in aesthetic treatments. Courthouse Clinics supports an ongoing in-house training and development program for all medical practitioners overseen by medical directors: Dr Patrick Bowler MB BS LRCP MRCS DRCOG & Dr Robin Stones SBStJ MBChB MRCGP DRCOG Dip Derm (Glas) BTEC Lasers, FRSM. If you answered – No. To receive a safe treatment and achieve the best results you should only choose a suitably qualified practitioner. Question 4. Would you ever compromise quality over the cost of treatments? If you answered – Yes. We understand that as a patient you may be able to source lower cost treatments but this may not achieve the best results possible or involve the use of quality products often leading to complications. If you answered – No. At Courthouse Clinics all treatments are priced competitively to achieve the best treatment results whilst using quality approved products. Are you concerned with knowing exactly what chemicals are being injected? If you answered – Yes. At Courthouse Clinics we purposefully limit the amount of products that we offer and only use high quality fully approved medical products. Patient safety is of the utmost importance. All products used will be fully discussed with you prior to treatment. If you answered – No. There are a variety of products currently available on today’s market making it impossible for the individual patient to determine the safety and quality. It is essential to follow the advice of an experienced practitioner.