Banish Mole Misery And Show Off Your Skin This Summer

Moles, skin tags and other lesions are a fairly common problem that can occur almost anywhere on the face and body. We understand that such growths can be unsightly, embarrassing – and painful, if they regularly knock or rub against clothing or jewellery. While it’s relatively easy to keep them out of sight during the winter months, it’s hard to stay completely covered when the sun is shining and the temperature gets tropical. But there’s no need to hide yourself away in the heat because of skin insecurities. We offer a variety of different blemish removal options to help you be self-confident and holiday-happy this summer.
A personal service
Before any procedure is approved, one of our aesthetic doctors will thoroughly examine and assess your skin lesion, and devise a personalised treatment plan for you. Safety is always our priority: moles and cysts are usually non-cancerous (benign), but as a precaution, we may recommend a skin biopsy to obtain more detailed information. It might sound scary, but a skin biopsy is a fairly simple and painless procedure. It involves removing a very small sample of skin tissue, which is then sent to a pathology lab for microscopic analysis.The results of your biopsy will allow our specialist aesthetic doctors to make the correct diagnosis and devise an appropriate treatment plan.
Different treatment options
We offer a number of different treatment options, which are tailored to different types of skin lesions, and your ultimate cosmetic goal. But in general, mole, wart and cyst removal is a quick in-clinic procedure that typically takes less than an hour. So there’s virtually no downtime and recovery is quick. Some lesions need to be removed using a scalpel, and the wound closed with stitches. However, shave excision is the easiest and most common option for suitable raised moles and lesions – and it usually takes just minutes to perform. After being numbed with a local anaesthetic, the growth in question is gently “planed down” with a surgical blade to the level of the surrounding skin. There are no stitches, no prominent scarring – and on average the site takes just 7-10 days to heal.
A cool solution
Another popular treatment option is Cryotherapy. This uses liquid nitrogen (a cold liquefied gas) to “freeze off” abnormal areas of skin such as warts and skin tags. Cryotherapy is fast, effective, and involves no downtime, although it’s not unusual to need more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. Treatment sessions are usually performed at 1-4 week intervals. Cryotherapy may cause a mild stinging sensation, but any discomfort doesn’t last long. The treatment area may turn red, swell or blister, before the skin growth in question scabs and falls off, revealing smooth, healthy new skin underneath. Call today on 0203 907 8828 for more information, or to book your consultation. Don’t worry about warts or feel miserable about your moles this summer! Let our treatments get rid of your growths, and give you the confidence to show off your skin.