Banish Vein Pain With Sclerotherapy or Foam Sclerotherapy

Varicose, thread and spider veins are a common problem that many people feel very self-conscious about. But they don’t just look unsightly. Varicose veins (which are swollen and enlarged) usually occur on the legs and feet and often cause aching, burning, discomfort, cramp and throbbing. Typically, symptoms are worse in warm weather, or during prolonged periods of standing. But there is a non-surgical solution. Sclerotherapy is a proven procedure that offers an alternative to surgical removal under a general anaesthetic. In simple terms, sclerotherapy involves the injection of a solution directly into the affected vein. This solution irritates the blood vessel’s lining, prompting it to collapse and stick together Gradually, the vessel transforms into scar tissue which eventually fades from view. At Courthouse Clinics, we offer Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins. With this procedure, the chosen sclerotherapy liquid is mixed with gas or air to make a foam. When injected, this foam pushes the blood out of the vein, leaving an empty vessel for the foam to destroy. As the name suggests, ultrasound is used to direct the needle that contains the sclerotherapy foam. This makes the procedure far more precise – and therefore more effective. The treatment is designed to improve the appearance of varicose veins in different areas of the body. It can be performed in the chest, legs, and certain other areas where veins are prominent. The treatment is safe, as the blood naturally reroutes through healthier veins once the treated veins have collapsed and been reabsorbed. Patients see results within a few weeks, although several treatments may be needed, depending on the severity of the problem.
Why choose foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins?
Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy is far less invasive than surgery, and requires no hospital stay. It involves virtually no downtime, and permits a faster return to work and other normal activities. Patients are mobile post-treatment, although strenuous exercise is not recommended. Compression stockings may need to be worn for a short while afterwards. Most people are eligible for sclerotherapy, although there are some contraindications, such as pregnancy. The best course of action if you’re considering this treatment is to give our customer care team a call on 0203 907 8828. They’ll be pleased to advise you, and if appropriate, book a consultation.