Be Safe, Sensible and Sexy: Lip Fillers

The full-lipped look has long been in vogue, fuelled by a huge number of celebrity devotees (and despite the odd over-the-top disaster!). Done well, a plumper pout can transform your entire look. Done badly, and it’ll make you the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons – and any damage caused may even be irreversible. That’s why it’s vital to carefully research all the different treatment options, and make sure that any lip-enhancing procedure is performed by a reputable, qualified and experienced practitioner.
Professional Lip Fillers
Injectable lip fillers (sometimes known as dermal fillers) are the most common treatment used to achieve a plumper pout. But lip fillers don’t just add volume – they can also be used to reshape uneven lips and/or enhance definition. Lip fillers feature hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in our bodies but declines as we age). This is gently injected into the lips to plump them up. The effect is temporary and typically the results last for 6-9 months depending on the exact area treated and the amount/type of product used. It goes without saying that getting your lips filled at a professional clinic is the best and safest option. However, some people are tempted by at-home alternatives such as lip serums, suction devices and even syringes for DIY injections. Don’t do it!
The ‘DIY Pout’ – What Are The Risks?
It is possible to purchase fillers online, but there are huge risks involved in self-injecting with no professional input. You could be buying counterfeit products or unsterile needles. Most importantly, injecting is a very precise and specialist skill. Get it wrong and you could cause scarring, an allergic reaction, infections, granulomas, necrosis (tissue death) – and in extreme cases, blindness (caused by injecting filler into a blood vessel, which then damages the artery of the eye). Those who do consider (or attempt!) at-home lip fillers do so to try and save money – but it’s a complete false economy. Having lip fillers done professionally costs less than you think, prices vary but start from just £250 – with peace of mind included!
Look After Your Lips
So don’t be tempted to cut corners in your pursuit of the perfect pout. Visit a professional practitioner at an established clinic to get the luscious lips you aspire to. Don’t risk the dreaded trout pout – or far worse – just to save a few pennies. It could end up costing you dearly.