‘A Beauty Junkie in London’ on her Botox experience at Courthouse

botox story from courthouse clinics patient in london
We’ve had the pleasure to have the lovely beauty blogger, Jen of beautyjunkielondon.com visit Courthouse. She had Botox and has told her readers all about it and her great experience at our clinic. She explains that she has attempted to get Botox before but has unfortunately been too scared and has backed out of several appointments. However, she was becoming more and more worried about the fine lines that were appearing around her eyes and felt they made her look tired and older than her age. She came to terms that many have Botox and its not a dangerous procedure and it would only benefit her insecurities. She also lets her readers know that it definitely didn’t hurt, at least not any more than a regular injection and she didn’t experience any bruising afterwards.  She concludes the post by saying that she is 100% happy with her results and “I’m definitely a convert, I am pleased I took the plunge – the best bit being that I now just don’t obsess over the lines any more and feel happier and more confident day to day. I definitely think there’s no looking back, I suspect it would be very rare that someone really doesn’t like the results and doesn’t have it again.” We at Courthouse are very pleased to hear that Jen had a great experience at our clinic and how satisfied she was with her results after all that doubting. Find out more about Jen’s experience here. Have a lovely weekend! Courthouse Clinics