Botox could be the answer to severe nerve pain

botox to relieve severe nerve pain

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Botox in the news this week as more ways of using it to cure medical issues have been discovered.

A review of evidence by neurologists at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the US concluded botulinum toxin can be highly effective to ease severe nerve pain. It is thought to work by blocking the release of chemicals which are involved in the nerve transmission of pain.

In a study at the Guangdong Medical School in China, 60 patients were injected with either Botox, lidocaine or a dummy saline solution. In the next few days, pain dropped more significantly in the Botox group compared with the others.

‘The long-lasting effects were accompanied by a low incidence of side effects. The only significant side effect was the pain of the injections in a few people,’ said the researchers. Dr Nicholas Silver, consultant neurologist at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, said: ‘These studies are highly promising.’

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