Botox – Fact or Fiction

Botox - Fact or Fiction we tell all

Botox – We Tell All

This treatment causes droopy eyelids – FICTION

Any stories about this in cheap magazines are just gossip. The only way you can get droopy lids from injections is if your doctor gives you too much or puts it in the wrong place. Blame the workman, not his tools.

You’ll never be left “expressionless” – FACT

The injections work on the muscles where it is injected, it can’t float around freezing other muscles in your face. It’s important to see a practitioner who is properly trained to ensure the best possible care.

This product is also used for treating headaches – FACT

We’ve had patients report migraine symptoms have eased after this treatment.

I can get my treatment done anywhere – FICTION

It’s incredibly important never to get it done at a nail salon, or at a “Botox Party” in somebody’s home. A doctor must always be present.

Women are more pain-sensitive whilst on their period – FACT

If you are considering injections, avoid this time.