Botox for Effective Pain Relief

Botox for Effective Pain Relief

Claims have been made that Botox can potentially offer long-term pain relief for patients suffering with cancer and arthritis.

A new type of Botox, invented by researchers at the University of Sheffield, is said to be able to offer pain relief for several months at a time and is perfect for suffers of everything from chronic migraines and back pain, to arthritis and cancer.

Botox is traditionally used to block the signals from nerves that tell muscles to contract, causing muscle relaxation. Pain relief works in a similar way. The new botox development combines both botulinum toxin and tetanus toxin to stem pain signals from reaching the brain. It has been suggested that this could work on patients for months at a time.

Wide-scale testing has been done to support the claims, but the product will not be available for another three years.

In a press release issued by CENTER For Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Babak Azizzadah says:

“We’ve seen incredible results produced with Botox over the years in treating wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, migraines, and even facial paralysis. If there is a new Botox development that could assist patients with chronic pain relief, it has the potential to positively affect quality of life for many people.”

He adds: “It is important that patients only receive Botox administered by a trained medical professional in order to reduce the risks of complications and side effects.”

As ever, though, Botox is a safe medical treatment, but only in the hands of a qualified, medical professional.

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