Botox for Hip Trouble

Botox for Hip Trouble

Innovative uses for botox continue to make headlines today, with new husband James Taylor having been cured of what doctors deemed to be an unrecoverable hip condition with some well-placed jabs.

The 22 year-old Birmingham native slipped down a flight of stairs at the tail end of last year, resulting in the rare “snapping hip” condition that doctors told him would leave him in pain for the rest of his life.

However, experimental Botox injections strengthened the muscles that cause the “snap”, meaning James can once again put pressure on his leg without fear of it causing pain or harm.

James has said that the agony he experienced was heartbreaking, especially as it meant that he struggled to help care for the two-year son he has with now-wife Sarah.

The patient underwent the 10-minute treatment in September as an alternative to painful and invasive surgery, and within a week he was off his crutches. After a month he was able to walk normally again.

Doctors diagnosed James with “snapping hip” syndrome after his fall resulted in a snapping sensation in his hips when walking. Generally this happens when a muscle or tendon moves over a particularly boney part of the hip, causing a weakness.

James has four Botox injections in total – two in the bum and two in the upper thigh area- but because Botox wears off it is thought he’ll need more injections in the future.

Botox continues to make headlines for its diversification from an anti-ageing treatment, and is now thought to be a medical treatment for eyelid spasms, crossed eyes, excessive sweating, migraines and more.