Botox for Teens

underage botox treatments

Unethical aestheticians, salon owners, and doctors have been revealed in a breaking news story about medical professionals to be treating under-18’s with Botox.

At clinics all over the U.K. doctors have been uncovered as offering £170 treatments to children. Although the treatment is 100% safe and increasingly common amongst adults, general unspoken guidelines within the industry suggest patients under 30 probably don’t need an anti-ageing needle.

Dr Dan Poulter, Health Minister, has said, “Treating under-18’s with Botox for purely cosmetic reasons is completely unacceptable both morally and ethically.”

“There is far too much pressure on young people to change the way they look when we should be encouraging them to live healthy lives and happy in their own bodies.”

Rajiv Grover, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons agrees. “Injecting somebody of that age is morally wrong.”

“Teen-toxing” is a phenomenon attributed to an incorrect belief that botox can prevent ageing. There is no evidence to suggest that botox is preventative.

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