Botox Hints and Tips

getting the best from your botox

Some Helpful – Hints & Tips

Are you Botox a first timer?

If it’s your first treatment ask your doctor to give you the minimum amount, returning a month later if you need to. Courthouse Clinics always offer a complimentary top-up, since the amount of injections required varies between patients.

Don’t neglect your skin!

Good skin care is vital for delaying the arrival of forehead lines. Anti-wrinkle injections are a great treatment, but don’t forget to look after your skin to get it looking as good as it can be. It’s worth having a complimentary skincare analysis and consultation with one of our skincare specialists to make sure you are getting the best advice on at home skincare and products that will compliment your treatments.

Understanding what the treatment isn’t able to do?

The injections don’t work on the shallower, finer lines that gather in the crescent shape under the eye. For this, we have other options.

How to find a reputable provider?

Ask your doctor for photographs of their previous work, and ask to see client testimonials. Our doctors are happy to provide these for your reassurance.

You shouldn’t have Botox Treatments if you…
  • are taking muscle relaxants
  • have a muscle-weakening disorder
  • are pregnant
  • are breastfeeding
  • have alcohol in your system: the injections are more likely to give you bruises and alcohol can make the injections spread to muscles you don’t want to treat.