Botox is a medical intervention, agrees Dr Leah Totton

Dr Leah Totton on Botox

Dr Leah Totton has gone on record to say that she will probably never have botox or plastic surgery, it is reported today.

The Apprentice winner recently launched her inaugural cosmetic treatment clinic, the self-named Dr Leah, with a £250,000 cash injection from her mentor Lord Alan Sugar.

At only 26 years old, Dr Totton has little Botox experience herself, being relatively newly qualified within the field. A former British Association of Aesthetic Medicine (BAAPS) chairman suggested that her business is like “putting a hairdresser in charge of cosmetic surgery”.

Dr Totton is, though, whatever the media reports, a fully qualified doctor, and with two years’ experience in the field is far more qualified than, say, a beautician who can administer Botox after a two-day course. Her clinics have faced some severe criticism from her critics, and yet Totton continues to rise above it, determined as ever to use her profile to raise the standards of the industry as a whole.

Dr Leah suggests that those speaking out against her are all competitors, and that the head of her training was actually a colleague of the BAAPS chairman who dismissed her skills. On her team, she says, they have combined experience of over 50 years.

Botox is not, Dr Totton says, a manicure or a pedicure, but a medical procedure that her and her team treat as such. It’s because it’s a serious procedure that she’d have to give a lot of thought to having it herself, she has said.

“We’ve seen a boom in plastic surgery. I think [it’s due to] societal pressure to a certain extent. I do not advocate that societal pressure, I’m not saying you should have it – that’s not what we’re about. I believe in female and male empowerment and personal choice. I don’t think it’s forcing women to have it.”

But, she adds, her choice is not to have it.