Botox Restrictions and Rejections

Botox Restrictions and Rejections

Reports today suggest that “cosmetic cowboys” will continue to tarnish the reputation of the cosmetic treatment industry as the Government allegedly plans to quietly reject the recommendations set out in the Keogh review.

The Keogh review recommended that there be a minimum standard for practitioners, as well as restrictions on “limited time only” discounts and advertising.

A key suggestion by the report recommended the need for a compulsory register of anyone administering cosmetic treatments, including Botox, Dermal fillers and laser hair removal.

If government officials do not take steps to regulate the industry, thousands of patients could be at risk from unqualified “practitioners” carrying out medical cosmetic procedures with little or no training. Discounted offers are thought to encourage rushed decision-making on the very personal issue of cosmetic treatments. Vivienne Parry, who sat on the cosmetic review panel, said the lack of regulation is “outrageous.”

The Keogh Report was published back in April, with leading cosmetic treatment centres saluting the decision to formalise the procedures behind injectables and lasers. However, six months later and there is little progress on the clampdown on rogue traders.

With non-surgical cosmetic interventions estimated to be worth £3.6 billion by 2015, there is a worry that government will not interfere with industry cowboys for fear of restricting national economic growth.

Most reputable firms, Courthouse Clinics included, are now part of a self-regulating body called Treatments You Can Trust, a voluntary register of qualified injectable providers founded three years ago.

We can only hope that eventually this safety precaution is made mandatory.