Does Chocolate Give You Acne?

BBC News Magazine recently asked does chocolate give you spots? The feature looks at both side of the argument- whether the accusation is myth or matter of fact- erring on the side of caution by concluding that actually the issue is one of continued scientific debate. "We're not really sure if diet can cause these acne flares or maybe they just make them more severe," says Jennifer Burris, author of a new review paper published in the Journal of the Academy of ... Read more

A New Way to Fight Acne

Scientists at UCLA and Pittsburgh University have found that a harmless virus that lives on our skin - known as a phage - could potentially be used as a treatment for acne. The phage is believed to be programmed to naturally prey on spot-causing bacteria. Acne is a very common problem, often affecting young people at a time when they are particularly conscious of their appearance. Increasingly, we are also seeing acne persisting into the older age groups. Unfortunately, there is currently ... Read more
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