FemiLift in the News!

In recent months FemiLift has been getting some great media coverage. Here are just some of the highlights: Danielle Lloyd on This MorningDanielle Lloyd's incontinence was significantly affecting her life in nearly every way. She couldn't exercise, or even play with her children, without risking an embarrassing accident. FemiLift helped her get her life back on track. Kirsty Spray's touching story from the Daily Mail OnlineKirsty was unable to even pick up her newborn daughter without experiencing distressing bladder issues. FemiLift changed her ... Read more

Worried About Wetting Yourself? We Have The Solution For Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Stress Urinary Incontinence can put your life on hold, but not anymore! We have a simple pain-free solution. FemiLift: the fast, simple solution to stress urinary incontinence. At Courthouse Clinics, we understand that some subjects are sensitive. Most people are happy to discuss the likes of frown lines and facial fillers. Stress urinary incontinence? Not so much. This means many women (especially new mothers) suffer in silence, unaware that there is a fast, painless, non-surgical procedure that can help them. How does it work? FemiLift uses ... Read more

FemiLift: The Fast, Effective Solution To A Personal Feminine Problem

At Courthouse Clinics, we understand that some problems are easy to talk about – and other subjects are more sensitive. Stress urinary incontinence can be inconvenient and embarrassing, which is why so many women suffer in silence. But there is a solution: FemiLift. What is FemiLift? FemiLift is a fast, non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure that uses a state-of-the-art laser to restructure and restore damaged tissue. It’s a versatile treatment that not only reduces stress urinary incontinence, but can also alleviate menopausal dryness, improve ... Read more

FemiLift In The Daily Mirror: Are You Too Scared To Laugh?

On 23rd June the Daily Mirror featured FemiLift in the article ‘Are You Too Scared To Sneeze or Laugh?’. The article discusses the common issue amongst women of urinary incontinence and the embarrassment many feel when talking about it. According to the Femifree survey that was carried out for World Incontinence Week this year, 68% of sufferers have not seen their GP for advice about the condition and 57% have never even spoken to their friends and family about it. There are ... Read more