Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? – Fact Or Fiction

Is Laser Hair Removal  Painful? - Fact Or Fiction Soprano Laser Hair Removal is pain-free – FACT Soprano laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. You might feel a slight prickling sensation, particularly if the hair is coarse and dark, but for most it simply feels like a warm massage. Some laser hair removal machines can be quite painful for the patient but our Soprano ICE machines eliminate pain. Men can’t get laser hair removal – FICTION We see a lot of male patients who want ... Read more

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

In light of the recent media spotlight over the regulation of cosmetic treatments, more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks of laser hair removal, particularly regarding burns on the skin. Although complications from laser hair removal will arise across all sectors of the industry (including medical, nursing and beauty), having a sound medical knowledge of laser physics and an understanding of the potential pitfalls of treating different skin types will undoubtedly reduce the risk. If you´re considering laser ... Read more
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