How Is Fat Broken Down?

Fat. Perhaps one of the most despised and controversial words in the western world. As the obesity crisis continues to rise, the media bombards us with weight loss information, techniques and horror stories designed to either inspire or terrify. But what are the true facts on losing fat? How does fat leave the body, and can you actually control how much you lose? Your body is always using energy and, unless this energy is taken from food, it normally comes from internal stores ... Read more

Growing Collagen

Collagen is a word often thrown around in the cosmetic industry. Many pills, lotions and potions claim to contain collagen or collagen-producing properties, and beauty magazines panic about the weakening of it as we age. But this isn’t just a scare-mongering tactic created by corporations to get us to buy their products – collagen is an essential structural part of our bodies. The word collagen comes from the Greek word kolla, meaning ‘glue’ – an incredibly apt description for this complex molecule. ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

'Your Week in Beauty Links' is back! We'll be giving you the ins and outs of what's been happening in the fabulous world of beauty, week to week. Are the days long gone of being ashamed of cosmetic surgery? In the Daily Mail this week Amanda Platell admits to having Botox and isn't ashamed to tell the world! After having surgery for skin cancer one of her eyebrows were lower than the other so she decided to have Botox to rectify the problem. ... Read more

We’ve had a makeover! updated! We decided that was due a bit of a sprucing up, so it's now even easier to find out more about our effective, innovative treatments. We have been really focusing on making your user experience the best it can possibly be. So, what's changed? Clinics You can now find out which treatments are available in each of our clinics. Simply go to the Clinics section on the menu bar, click on the nearest location to you and scroll down to the list ... Read more

Fat freezing treatment has arrived!

Fat reduction is one of the most frequent medical consultations in aesthetic medicine and at present there is an increasing demand for an effective and non-invasive treatment of fat reduction. This leads us to our exciting news... Courthouse will be introducing a new fat reduction treatment called CoolTech Adipolysis assisted by fat freezing - the latest in non-invasive body contouring. This is a non surgical alternative to liposuction that uses a hand piece that generates a vacuum effect with the suction of skin ... Read more

Hair removal no longer a chore!

A study undertaken for 2013 revealed 88 per cent of women will spend four months of their entire lifetime removing unwanted body hair with a whole range of hair removers including razors, epilators and waxing. Hair removal is becoming a time-consuming effort for most and with the heatwave set to last until next month; hair removal should be the least of your worries! Laser Hair Removal is an alternative to razors and epilators for reducing unwanted hair anywhere on the body for both ... Read more

Botox could be the answer to severe nerve pain

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Botox in the news this week as more ways of using it to cure medical issues have been discovered. A review of evidence by neurologists at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the US concluded botulinum toxin can be highly effective to ease severe nerve pain. It is thought to work by blocking the release of chemicals which are involved in the nerve transmission of pain. In a study at the Guangdong Medical School in China, 60 ... Read more

Would you ditch the deodorant?

Last month, actress Cameron Diaz said she hasn't worn anti-perspirant for 20 years while actors Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper claim they never spray their underarms, but it's not just the A-list who are shunning anti-perspirant.. With more and more following suit is it time we all looked into alternatives? There has never been a way of selectively targeting and treating both the Eccrine glands, located superficially in the skin that cause sweating and the Apocrine glands that cause odour.. until now! We ... Read more

My Hair Restoration Diary

Hair Restoration Diary – Tim Penfold   Decision Making and Meeting Courthouse Clinics   Post treatment - symptoms, side-effects and progress Read more

‘A Beauty Junkie in London’ on her Botox experience at Courthouse

We've had the pleasure to have the lovely beauty blogger, Jen of visit Courthouse. She had Botox and has told her readers all about it and her great experience at our clinic. She explains that she has attempted to get Botox before but has unfortunately been too scared and has backed out of several appointments. However, she was becoming more and more worried about the fine lines that were appearing around her eyes and felt they made her look tired and ... Read more
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