Accolades and Patient Praise for Courthouse Clinics

We might be the best in the aesthetic industry, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our patient experience, and one of the ways we do that is by asking for feedback after every treatment. Our annual survey results are in, and the results look great! We ask patients to rate us out of ten, and it’s looking very positive for all of our clinics. Here are the average scores: Watford 9.79/10 Haywards Heath 9.75/10 Sheffield 9.64/10 Wilmslow 9.63/10 Maidenhead ... Read more

Michelle Obama on Botox

The First Lady of the United States, who celebrated turning 50 this weekend, has reportedly said she does not rule out Botox to preserve her looks. Michelle Obama is famed for her healthy appetite for life: she advocates eating well, is famed for her high cardio workouts, and every sartorial move is followed by both the fashion world, and us mere mortals. She has been quoted as saying that she would never say never to the helping hand at anti-ageing. In the same week ... Read more

Botox Ads Banned

The Advertising Standards Agency has banned botox adverts from two leading aesthetic companies. Dermaskin and HB Health of Knightsbridge have both been penalized for online ads that violate ASA regulation. The action comes after The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service filed complaints against some of the claims both websites featured. Four years ago a crackdown was launched on misleading adverts, spearheaded by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson. Because Botox is only available to doctor’s on prescription it is not allowed to be marketed promotionally. ... Read more

Our Acne ebook featured in The Sun

Our incredible free resource, ACNE: a comprehensive guide to identifying, treating, and generally showing spots who the boss is, has been featured as a top pick in today's copy of The Sun.  On page 8 of the pull-out Me, the national newspaper's guide to health, wellbeing and fitness, the publication charts eight of the best self-help books, with ACNE topping the list! The book, penned by London-based writer Laura Jane Williams, is a collaboration with Courthouse Clinics' skin expert Dr Robin Stones. The book focuses on what ... Read more

Botox for Teens

Unethical aestheticians, salon owners, and doctors have been revealed in a breaking news story about medical professionals to be treating under-18's with Botox. At clinics all over the U.K. doctors have been uncovered as offering £170 treatments to children. Although the treatment is 100% safe and increasingly common amongst adults, general unspoken guidelines within the industry suggest patients under 30 probably don't need an anti-ageing needle. Dr Dan Poulter, Health Minister, has said, "Treating under-18's with Botox for purely cosmetic reasons is completely ... Read more

Fungal Nail Infections – Fact Or Fiction

Fact Or Fiction - We Tell All Only men get fungal nail infections – FICTION Fungal nail infections affect both men and women, young and old. However, it usually affects adults, is more prevalent in men, and becomes increasingly common as we get older. Nail polish causes fungal nail infections – FICTION & FACT Nail polish does not directly cause nail infections, however if you try to hide a nail infection by covering it with nail polish you risk trapping fungus and moisture. You might ... Read more

Treatments So Good You’ve Been Telling All Your Friends!

Over the festive period we had our patients filling out questionnaires about why they come to Courthouse Clinics. From botox to medically-led weight loss, we've seen our patient base go from strength to strength, and now the mystery has been solved: it's because our patients get word of mouth recommendations! 32.6%  of our patient base come via our refer a friend scheme, proving that the best kind of marketing is great service that people cannot help but shout about. We pride ourselves ... Read more

Dr Bowler Writes for The Huffington Post

Dr Patrick Bowler has written for The Huffington Post today, asking why British media won’t talk about… erm, the vagina. On the back of Courthouse Clinics’ innovative new vaginal rejuvenation treatment FemiLift, Dr Bowler reflects on our reticence to discuss post-birth vaginal issues such as reduced sexual pleasure and stress urinary incontinence. He writes: “For weeks we've called journalists and emailed editors to tell them about FemiLift. With all of our other innovations beauty editors frequently jump at the chance to inform their ... Read more

Dr Patrick Bowler Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Patrick Bowler, our medical director, has been awarded The Brinkenhoff Award for Lifetime Achievement and Services to the Industry. Announced at the prestigious Aesthetic Awards 2013-14 on Saturday, 7th December, at a lavish ceremony in the ballroom of The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, Dr Bowler, MB.BS, LRCP, MRCS, DRCOG, was noted as being a driving force behind increased safety standards in non-surgical procedures, and an advocate for superb customer service. Dr John Curran, long-time colleague and personal friend of the cosmetic physician ... Read more

Friends who Botox

Reports today suggest that up to one in eight people who’ve experience a non-surgical cosmetic treatment have had the procedure performed by an untrained amateur such as a friend. The government polled 2,000 people, concluding that 13% of people who have had botox, dermal fillers, or face peels have let an unqualified acquaintance wield a needle to their face. Even more surprisingly, one in 20 have also treated themselves. This year’s Keogh Report, issued from Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, the most senior doctor ... Read more
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