Botox Restrictions and Rejections

Reports today suggest that “cosmetic cowboys” will continue to tarnish the reputation of the cosmetic treatment industry as the Government allegedly plans to quietly reject the recommendations set out in the Keogh review. The Keogh review recommended that there be a minimum standard for practitioners, as well as restrictions on “limited time only” discounts and advertising. A key suggestion by the report recommended the need for a compulsory register of anyone administering cosmetic treatments, including Botox, Dermal fillers and laser hair removal. If government ... Read more

Botox to Treat Extreme Arousal

Botox has many uses, not least for anti-ageing and skin smoothing. From hip conditions to over-active bladders, Botulinum Toxin lands news headlines week after week as doctors continue to innovate with the substance. The latest story is one of extreme arousal. Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) is a distressing sexual dysfunction that can cause uncontrollable arousal lasting for days at a time. It is unrelated to sexual desire, and orgasm gives only a few hours of relief. Despite sounding like a somewhat comical ... Read more

Celeb Sweaters

Excessive sweating can be a distressing condition, and it’s easy to feel isolated and despondent about the problem. It can help to know you’re not alone, and that even the world’s most beautiful people suffer with embarrassing sweat marks, wet patches and body odour. Here are some examples of the people you’d least expect to sweat. Cameron Diaz At a screening of What To Expect When You’re Expecting Ms Diaz was photographed with expanding moisture on her sheer white blouse, and not for ... Read more

Botox for Hip Trouble

Innovative uses for botox continue to make headlines today, with new husband James Taylor having been cured of what doctors deemed to be an unrecoverable hip condition with some well-placed jabs. The 22 year-old Birmingham native slipped down a flight of stairs at the tail end of last year, resulting in the rare “snapping hip” condition that doctors told him would leave him in pain for the rest of his life. However, experimental Botox injections strengthened the muscles that cause the “snap”, meaning ... Read more

Botox for Cancer Breakthrough

Botox could be a cure for prostate cancer, newspaper reports suggest today. Researchers have conducted clinical trials at the University of Texas, focusing on men with cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate gland. Results suggest that the botox shrivels tumour cells. When the subjects eventually have surgery to remove the prostate the cancer cells will be analysed to measure the full effects. Excitingly, it is thought that the injections could have similar effects on other types on cancers. The research continues. Read more

Free Laser Hair Removal Deal for “Werewolf” Family

This week the press is awash with column inches on the Nepalese family with the so-called ‘werewolf syndrome’, who have undergone free laser hair removal deal in an attempt to defuzz their faces. The poverty-stricken family, mother Devi Budhathoki, and her children Mandira, seven, Niraj, 12, and Manjura, 14, are covered almost entirely in thick, black hair. Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginose, to give it its medical name, has no known cure. Laser hair removal machines can significantly reduce hair growth, though. The Dhulikhel Hospital ... Read more

Renée Zellweger’s Face: Botched or Brilliant?

This past week has seen a spate of press discussing Bridget Jones actor Renee Zellweger’s face, fuelling the rumour mill of the “work” she may or may not have had to turn back the hands of time. When she stepped out for a screening of Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story in California at the weekend her eyes looked wider and her forehead noticeably smoother, forcing some polarising opinions from online commentators. The internet went wild!   Historically Zellweger has been famed for her ... Read more

Is Excessive Sweating Crippling Your Self-Esteem?

If you’ve ever had to write a letter with extra paper folded under your hands to blot out streams of sweat from your hands, taken two shirts to a job interview, or refuse to raise your hand in a meeting for fear of sweat patches, you’re not alone. In about 1% of the U.K. population excessive sweating is totally normal. That doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis to give it its medical name, happens when the sweat glands ... Read more

Weight loss problems? READ THIS.

We know how difficult it can be to feel confident about your body, and your self. We believe that confidence is key, and that's why any weight loss treatment we offer is built around slow, steady and measurable progress that is medically-led and personally motivated. We've put together this infographic for any of you out there who want to be reminded that no matter what your shape, size, or appearance, you're worthy. You're able to change, if you want, but if you're not changing ... Read more

Is a Fringe a Replacement for Botox?

Today's fashion pages declare that the latest anti-ageing development is... a fringe. With Heidi Klum taking years off her face with new bangs as she approaches her 40th birthday, there are murmurs amongst the fashionistas that the youthful and fun approach to hairstyling can hide a multitude of sins. We suspect most of Hollywood has a helping hand in keeping skin wrinkle free, and you can read about our Botox treatments here. For the article, click here. Read more
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