Renée Zellweger’s Face: Botched or Brilliant?

This past week has seen a spate of press discussing Bridget Jones actor Renee Zellweger’s face, fuelling the rumour mill of the “work” she may or may not have had to turn back the hands of time. When she stepped out for a screening of Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story in California at the weekend her eyes looked wider and her forehead noticeably smoother, forcing some polarising opinions from online commentators. The internet went wild!   Historically Zellweger has been famed for her ... Read more

Is Excessive Sweating Crippling Your Self-Esteem?

If you’ve ever had to write a letter with extra paper folded under your hands to blot out streams of sweat from your hands, taken two shirts to a job interview, or refuse to raise your hand in a meeting for fear of sweat patches, you’re not alone. In about 1% of the U.K. population excessive sweating is totally normal. That doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis to give it its medical name, happens when the sweat glands ... Read more

Weight loss problems? READ THIS.

We know how difficult it can be to feel confident about your body, and your self. We believe that confidence is key, and that's why any weight loss treatment we offer is built around slow, steady and measurable progress that is medically-led and personally motivated. We've put together this infographic for any of you out there who want to be reminded that no matter what your shape, size, or appearance, you're worthy. You're able to change, if you want, but if you're not changing ... Read more

Is a Fringe a Replacement for Botox?

Today's fashion pages declare that the latest anti-ageing development is... a fringe. With Heidi Klum taking years off her face with new bangs as she approaches her 40th birthday, there are murmurs amongst the fashionistas that the youthful and fun approach to hairstyling can hide a multitude of sins. We suspect most of Hollywood has a helping hand in keeping skin wrinkle free, and you can read about our Botox treatments here. For the article, click here. Read more

Men Going for Botox to Stay in Work

An Australian news sites today reports the "stealth" ways men are accessing cosmetic enhancement, and it largely involves not revealing the secret to their spouse. The report says men want to keep back the hands of time, but are unwilling to share their beauty secrets even with their spouses. Statistics suggest increasing numbers of men are seeking our invasive and non-invasive anti-ageing treatments. Read the full article here. Read more

Tell Us About Your Recent Treatments

"You couldn't make it up!" We recently received this incredible testimony from a very happy patient indeed. She's asked to remain anonymous so as not to reveal her beauty secrets to all the land, but it was too good a story *not* to share: Hi there, I had a botox treatment at your Maidenhead branch on Thursday September 26th, from Dr Robertson. The next day I flew to Spain for 4 days of partying with my best friend.  Lots of good wine and dancing! I returned ... Read more

Is Facial Yoga the New Botox?

An article today suggests that the best way to fight the visible signs of ageing is to practice very specific facial muscle exercises. British yoga instructor Danielle collins is pioneering the treatment, and says her patients have already seen incredible results. Don't have time for pulling funny faces? Then we suggest botox: results are immediately visible and last up to six months. Read the full article here.   Read more

Week in Beauty Links

This week in the world of beauty, we’ve seen an enticing mix of stories hitting the headlines. From L’Oréal Paris’ new face, a plastic surgeon modelling noses similar to the Eiffel Tower, to cowboy Botox problems, we’re keeping you updated. This is your week in beauty. The ideal nose is similar to France’s most iconic monument according to a plastic surgeon, the Eiffel tower. After seeing a picture of the Eiffel Tower advertised on a Chinese taxi cab, he believes he’s discovered ... Read more

When Your Practitioner Isn’t As Qualified As They Say

Reports today that cover the story of beautician Jamie Winter, who mislead customers for 18 months claiming the entire time she had completed Harley Street training in administering Botox - but the truth was she never finished the course. The beautician was accused of causing bruising around patients' eyes, and it was alleged her lies were fraud. 35-year old Ms. Winter argued that although the police thought people needed to be qualified to administer Botox, the reality is they don’t." Read the full article ... Read more

The Consulting Room: “What a difference 15 years makes in the aesthetic industry”

Our medical director Dr Patrick Bowler has blogged for The Consulting Room on the changes the cosmetic treatment industry has seen since we started back in 1998. His blog says, "The biggest explosion in our industry has come as recently as in the past five years, where a complete non-surgical service now ensures that enhancing key features is more straightforward then ever before. "Patients can totally alter the way they look without ever having invasive surgery, whereas when we started out the choices ... Read more
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