Blogger Really Ree writes on her Courthouse Clinics Experience

Beauty blogger extraordinaire Really Ree has written about Botox in London on her blog this week. She says, "I know that botox isn't for everyone and I prefer to have the tiniest amount in one small area, but if you are looking for a little help in the lines department, I couldn't recommend Courthouse Clinic more." She adds, "I think 'subtle' is the key word here as I am so not into that frozen face look. This is all about botox that ... Read more

Dermal Filler Facts

A blog last week chronicled the importance of understanding key differences between injectable treatments, like Botox and Dermal Fillers. Laura Casewell from The Cosmetic Surgery Guide wrote about how the popular treatments often get provided alongside misleading or incorrect information. The blog is a highly informative read, and can be read in full here. Read more

Dr Leah Totton and Patient Safety

Despite Dr Leah Totton getting a lot of stick on her plans for a chain of high street botox clinics, it can't be disputed that she's doing a lot to raise awareness of injectable regulations. The Apprentice winner spoke up on ITV's Daybreak  to discuss the issue, which is featured in full here. Read more

Is This The End of Deodorant?

This weekend the press reported on our new SweatX treatment, a £500 treatment (not £2,000!) that incorporates multiple technologies to tackle sweat and odour without the use of toxins, achieving immediate improvement with lasting results. Read more about SweatX at Courthouse Clinics here, and the full article here. Read more

Week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links This week’s beauty news has been dominated by celebs showing their most beautiful side with new jaw-dropping trends. From Rita Ora’s partnership with Rimmel London, to the return of the mullet, we've got it covered- even throwing in some super handy advice from renowned beauty experts. This is your week in the world of beauty. Rita’s worth it: The very exciting revelation that Rita Ora is the next face of Rimmel London has had much support from fans. ... Read more

Tattoos We’d Rather Forget, Cheryl

After Cheryl Cole revealed her rose bottom tattoo recently, discussion about tattoo regret has hit the roof. Reports today speculate that it could take up to 20 hours of laser hair removal, and almost £12,000, to get rid of a tattoo like Cheryl's -- almost as much as a down payment on a small house! You can find out more about Courthouse Clinics' tattoo removal here, and read the full article here. Read more

BBC NEWS: "’Needle risk’ over beauty treatments"

A health watchdog is “concerned that people having beauty treatments like Botox could be at risk of infection from dirty needles” reports BBC News. An article today suggests that because “growing numbers of people are injecting tanning agents, dermal fillers and Botox at home and in salons” hygiene laws could be compromised, putting users at risk of HIV and hepatitis C. Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic surgeon and president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) tells the BBC: “…BAAPS has campaigned ... Read more

Cosmetic Surgery and Cowboys

Norman Waterhouse, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has gone on record to declare that Botox has become demedicalised. Yesterday’s Sunday Times reported that a new scandal is inevitable in the cosmetic treatment industry, causing much discussion amongst the industry once again. Read the full article here [subscription needed] Read more

Week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links This week beauty is in the limelight, strutting itself down the catwalk. We’ve spotted some interesting trends, including Barbie’s new outfit, the return of the old-school double ponytail and France’s plan to ban the children’s beauty pageant. This is your week in beauty links. Surgical spotlight: During New York Fashion Week, the first ever plastic surgery fashion show took place. The New Jersery surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir brought 50 of his patients to hit the runway and flaunt ... Read more

Keeping Skin Healthy Around the Clock

Scientists say skin needs specific care at different stages of the day, says Dr Sam Bunting. From hydrating first thing in the morning, to sunscreen, nose powdering, and make-up removal, the cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting suggests in an article on Femail that applying specific creams at specific times of the day will optimise their effect. To read the full article, click on this link. Read more
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