New York Fashion Week’s Surgery Hit

With London Fashion Week already underway in the UK’s capital, there’s barely been time to catch a breath since New York Fashion Week came to a close. However, tongues are still wagging over Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s NY fashion week debut, where he put on the event’s first ever plastic surgery show. Time Magazine reports that Kassir’s “Faces of Beauty” concept focused on models’ photographs of their “before”, then they sashayed down the catwalk to show off their “after”. The mag writes, “Dr Kassir apparently ... Read more

15th Birthday Event – Brentwood Clinic

It might be impolite to ask a woman's age, but we don't mind telling you that Courthouse Clinics is turning 15 years old and we want you to help us celebrate. Since its launch in Brentwood, Essex, 15 years ago, Courthouse Clinics have performed almost a million procedures to tens of thousands of loyal, satisfied patients. The clinics administer over 10,000 injectable treatments a year, providing safe, doctor-led treatments, and are registered with several prestigious bodies, including the IHAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic ... Read more

Tips to Beat Excessive Sweating

Pardon the pun, but excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis – is the pits. We know. The patients who come to us for SweatX treatment, the only proven cure for overactive sweating glands, have told us some heartbreaking stories about living with the condition. So how else can you beat excessive sweating? Here are some tips. Adapt your routine The anxiety of excessive sweating can be as much as a contributing factor to your dampness as the sweating itself. It can help to know you’re ... Read more

“My Experience With ClearLift”

I'm 41 and I've been having Botox for about 7 years in order to improve my forehead wrinkles. It's a great treatment, but recently I have noticed the very faint beginnings of crow's feet around my eyes and also some fine lines around my mouth and on my cheeks. During my last Botox appointment I asked my doctor, Dr Richard Brighton, about using Botox and fillers to treat these, more as a preventative than a corrective measure. To my surprise he ... Read more

The Week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links Get beautiful from the inside out. This week’s posts are fruit-filled and focussed on your inner well-being. Here’s your week in beauty links… Counteract low self-esteem by listening to the way that you talk to yourself: Negative self-talking: don’t do it. Dr Linda Papadopulos, psychologist and TV presenter, imparts her knowledge on how to overcome low self-esteem. It sounds cliché, but ‘me’ time should be our top priority. Managing your time efficiently to incorporate ‘me’ time has plenty of positive ... Read more

Week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links This week there's a lot about saying no. Put your foot down to fast food, stand up to your friends, and no - henna tattoos are not a safe alternative to the real thing. Here is your week in beauty links... Friends Don’t Let Friends Pig Out: If your friends eat rubbish, does this also mean you have to eat the same junk? This is an amusing article on women employing peer pressure to force their own friends into ... Read more

Week In Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links From eye creams that could really be harming your health, to marijuana as a weight loss solution; getting more sunshine and our new beauty crush. This is your week in beauty links...    Sunshine Isn’t The Enemy: The Eco Beauty Editor posted a great read on the importance of sunshine a few months back, but it’s only just caught our eye. To be honest, we’ve not had cause to seek out some sun advice since the skies have been ... Read more

The Week in Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links Sugar addictions and makeup tutorials, body confidence and live-tweeting from the operating room, this week’s roundup of Internet beauty links shows some real insight into health and beauty trends currently evolving around the globe…   Kicking the white stuff: There’s no two ways about it, as a nation we’re addicted to sugar. It’s not just sweets and chocs; sugar is in almost all pre-packaged food and it’s killing us. From soups to salad dressings, sandwiches to smoothies, the hidden sugar ... Read more

The Week in Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links Face slimmers and facials that sound like fancy Italian drinks; lasered lady gardens and the law of averages when it comes to the size of your waist. Here is this week’s beauty link round-up…  The Japanese Face Slimmer: ‘…imagine how thrilled HuffPost UK Lifestyle were to learn about an anti-ageing device that claims to give "sagging facial skin and muscles that much-needed daily lift".’ We couldn’t help but giggle at this monsterous face-thinning contraption, as it’s definitely one ... Read more

Sex tips, vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears

Your Week In Beauty Links Sex tips and vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears- you can’t accuse this week of skimping on the spunk for our weekly beauty link round-up! The effects of a vampire: Kim Kardashian hit headlines when she tweeted a photo of herself covered in her own blood as part of the increasing (and bizarre!) trend for the Vampire Facial. Kerry Katona is the latest celeb to give it a whirl- but her results have been far ... Read more
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