Sex tips, vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears

Your Week In Beauty Links Sex tips and vampire facials, ditching the booze and wedding day tears- you can’t accuse this week of skimping on the spunk for our weekly beauty link round-up! The effects of a vampire: Kim Kardashian hit headlines when she tweeted a photo of herself covered in her own blood as part of the increasing (and bizarre!) trend for the Vampire Facial. Kerry Katona is the latest celeb to give it a whirl- but her results have been far ... Read more

The Week in Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links This week was a treasure trove of beauty stories online. Here’s our favourites, from the best interview on Alexa Chung’s hair we’ve read to the cutest advocate for vegetarianism YouTube will ever see- and even more extreme surgery. On how to praise our daughters: On the back on the government’s plan to produce information packs for the parents of daughters to help them bring up “aspirational” young women, writer Sophie Heywood writes a thoughtful and reflective piece on ... Read more

The Week in Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links From the sexiest body on YouTube to the craziest North Korean trends, and all the big knickered singletons in between, this is our pick of the week's best beauty links...   Jessie J working it like only she can: This week saw the official release of The Voice star’s latest video for single “Wild”, featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal. Ms J shows off a seriously toned body that looks healthy and strong. Watching this on repeat gives the ... Read more

The Week in Beauty Links

Your Week In Beauty Links From remembering the importance of inner beauty to what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong, this week saw everything from male grooming to celeb health secrets revealed in the news. Here’s our round-up of the week’s most interesting industry stories.   Plastic Surgery Woes and Strife: Press was awash with stories of unhappy plastic surgery patients this week, underlining the importance once again of preparing mentally and physically for surgery- and of seeking out a qualified doctor with a spotless ... Read more

Does Chocolate Give You Acne?

BBC News Magazine recently asked does chocolate give you spots? The feature looks at both side of the argument- whether the accusation is myth or matter of fact- erring on the side of caution by concluding that actually the issue is one of continued scientific debate. "We're not really sure if diet can cause these acne flares or maybe they just make them more severe," says Jennifer Burris, author of a new review paper published in the Journal of the Academy of ... Read more

The Keogh Report: What It Means For Cosmetic Practitioners

The cosmetic treatments industry has had a call to arms. Wednesday saw the release of the Keogh Report, a review on cosmetic treatment procedures commissioned by the government, led by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, and huge changes for practitioners are neigh. The report is designed to help guide the overall review process of procedures and care guidelines within the cosmetic treatment business, to ensure that there’s an industry-wide standard of care to which practitioners can be held. It’s about ... Read more

Dr Patrick Bowler on Developments in Botulinum Toxin

The medical community is currently awaiting the industry’s biggest review of cosmetic surgery legislation. Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director, is expected to give his report, commissioned in response to a request from the Prime Minister, to the Health Secretary this month. Dr Patrick Bowler qualified in 1974 at the Royal London Hospital and is a pioneer of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with over 20 years experience. He is the medical director of Courthouse Clinics and is a founder member ... Read more

Botox and Emotions

A new book by American Dermatologist Eric Finzi, The Face of Emotion: How Botox Effects our Mood and Relationships reveals that Botox can in about 50% of cases, dramatically improve both mood and relationships. Although this has hit the headlines recently it's nothing new to us at Courthouse Clinics! For many years I had noticed the positive effect of Botox cosmetic treatments on my clients, including some who have been suffering from mild depression. (more…) Read more

Considering Injectable Facial Treatments? – Questionnaire

We have come up with a shortlist of questions that every potential patient should ask themselves before proceeding with any injectable treatment in order to get the best possible results as well as great peace of mind too! Go on ask yourself what you would choose? At Courthouse Clinics our primary concern is to deliver the best possible treatment that you deserve. We operate only in a safe medical environment and use doctors because we believe that safety and quality are essential ... Read more

Lack of Sleep Linked to Obesity

German researchers have possibly explained the link between getting less sleep and being overweight, say recent news reports. Scientists at the University of Tubingen, led by Manfred Hallschmid, found that sleep deprivation can be responsible for making the body crave more calories, whilst also limiting its ability burn them off- meaning weight gain or even Type 2 diabetes. Researchers measured participants´ hormone levels with blood tests and accelerometers, calculating how much energy was burned by indirect calorimetry- an estimation of a person´s heat ... Read more
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