FemiLift In The Daily Mirror: Are You Too Scared To Laugh?

On 23rd June the Daily Mirror featured FemiLift in the article ‘Are You Too Scared To Sneeze or Laugh?’. The article discusses the common issue amongst women of urinary incontinence and the embarrassment many feel when talking about it. According to the Femifree survey that was carried out for World Incontinence Week this year, 68% of sufferers have not seen their GP for advice about the condition and 57% have never even spoken to their friends and family about it. There are ... Read more

Common Signs of Ageing

Wrinkles & Fine Lines Dull & Dry Skin Saggy & Loose Skin Age Spots & Pigmentation The signs of ageing usually appear first on the skin, particularly on the face. This is because our skin is a highly complex and delicate organ that is easily effected by environment, genetic traits and of course quality of skincare. The ageing process may be inevitable, but there are ways to improve upon the condition of your skin and tackle the issues you are most concerned about. Remember: it is never too late to better your skin health! The most common signs ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

How much younger would you like to look? Four women were invited to see which wrinkles they would loose and which they would keep in an experiment reported by The Mail online. Juvederm facial fillers (available here) maker, Allergan, assembled a panel of women in their early 50s to find out just how many would be able to resist the temptation of a wrinkle-free complexion. You might find the results surprising as all of them preferred natural versions of themselves with ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

Ever thought about joining a dating website? The Express reports that a certain dating site is seeing singletons having plastic surgery to gain access as its only for 'beautiful' people. The dating site has turned down a whopping 7.5 million people since its launch in 2003 which has lead to one in four rejected applicants turning to cosmetic surgery, toning up at the gym or having extreme makeovers. Right or wrong? UK's probably most well-known breasts have been reduced this week ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

The Mail online report that selfies are the reason for why plastic surgery demands have soared by 25% in the last year and a half. They say more people are going under the knife desperate to enhance their image as many feel pressured to take the perfect selfie to enhance their social media profiles. A Manhattan-plastic surgeon says many patients come in with their iPhones and show him their pictures - “Selfies are just getting to be so crazy.” Are ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

The Guardian have listed what they believe will be 2015's biggest beauty trends and we're intrigued. Bold brows and 'Twiggy lashes' don't come as a big surprise and with Kim Kardashian's latest bum pictures neither does the 'Brazilian butt lift'. However, after the countless jokes that were made on the expenses of Kim, we're not so convinced that Everyone will be aiming for a Kardashian behind in the new year, wouldn't you agree? This week also saw a whole lot of ... Read more

What Can You Treat With Botox®?

For a relatively young treatment, Botox® has quite a big reputation. It was originally documented to relieve muscle spasms in the 1950s but was only licensed for medical use in the UK in 1994. Since then it has become progressively popular in the cosmetic industry and the global market has been predicted to be worth $2 billion by 2018. Known chemically as Botulinum Toxin Type A, it works by blocking the signals sent from the nerves to the muscles in the injected ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

There was a great article on the Telegraph online this week that will answer all your burning questions on IPL and Laser hair removal. Our very own Dr Patrick Bowler gives his professional opinion and discusses if it works, if it's painful and how IPL and laser compare to each other. If you're not sure of the benefits of IPL and Laser or if you'd like to know more about how it all works then this is definitely a great read ... Read more

The History of Hair Removal at Home

The History of Hair Removal at Home Hair removal is in no way a new concept. Historicists have documented evidence to prove that makeshift razors were used as far back as 30,000BC! Originally it would have been for hygiene purposes to avoid infestations of ticks, lice, fleas, dirt and diseases, but hair was also removed from the face and head so that enemies would not have anything to grab onto in battle - Alexander the Great for instance made his men cut ... Read more

Your Week in Beauty Links

Last week we reported that lingerie company Victoria's Secret had much negative feedback for their 'The perfect body' campaign and now British Fashion brand JD Williams hits back. Their new campaign features a range of body sizes and uses #PerfectlyImperfect as its slogan. The range aims to promote body confidence for all women, of all ages, sizes and shapes with sizes ranging from 10 to 16. If you haven't seen the campaign yet you can find it here in this Daily ... Read more
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