Prepare Your Skin for Summer with these 3 Beauty Treatments.

It’s safe to say that summer is well on its way. With the days getting longer and the nights getting lighter, it’s about time we started to make preparations for the warmer months! Get ready for all of the exciting things you’ve got planned for summer 2017, whether that’s holidays, festivals, parties or simply sunbathing in the garden - these treatments could help you look and feel your very best. Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal is a semi-permanent, virtually pain-free solution for ... Read more

Revolutionising Weight Loss: Alevere Therapy

The demand for an effective way to lose weight seems to grow year-on-year. People are always looking for the ‘best’ way to lose weight. Alevere Therapy is revolutionising the weight loss industry with its combination of products, medical research, contouring treatments and one-to-one doctor support. But with so many fad diet options around, we often get asked “what’s so different about Alevere?” Alevere Therapy Alevere Therapy is unique. It’s a fast, safe way to lose excess weight and redefine your body shape. The ... Read more

Alevere Coffee Morning

Hosted by Courthouse Clinics Bournemouth and Alevere Rapid Weight Loss Treatment, our Alevere Coffee morning connects you to the ultimate weight loss secret. Alevere Rapid Weight Loss treatment helps you to lose extraordinary amounts of weight in a medically designed weight loss and body contouring programme. We’re offering the chance to come and meet current and former Alevere patients for an informal Q&A, where you can discover how the revolutionary treatment works, what foods you can eat, and exactly how you can ... Read more
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