‘Brotox’ – Botox for men

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about Botox in the news and just this week an article in The Times mentioned Botox for men is becoming more popular.  Excellent news that the article said according to news reports from the US, the essential Father's Day gift this year was Botox, or Brotox, as it's also called now! We think this is great and exciting as Botox is not only for women and men really shouldn't be afraid to give it a try! At our nationwide clinics we offer ... Read more

Celebrities that are defying their age!

A-list stars such as Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Demi Moore are all still giving celebrities that are half their age a run for their money on the red carpet.  With wrinkle-free, radiant skin we wonder whether a series of Botox procedures may have lent a helping hand to maintain such a youthful appearance! Take a look here at these remarkable photos of a number of celebrities who look better now than they did 10 years ago! Our doctors here at Courthouse ... Read more

Botox is a medical intervention, agrees Dr Leah Totton

Dr Leah Totton has gone on record to say that she will probably never have botox or plastic surgery, it is reported today. The Apprentice winner recently launched her inaugural cosmetic treatment clinic, the self-named Dr Leah, with a £250,000 cash injection from her mentor Lord Alan Sugar. At only 26 years old, Dr Totton has little Botox experience herself, being relatively newly qualified within the field. A former British Association of Aesthetic Medicine (BAAPS) chairman suggested that her business is like “putting ... Read more

Botox as a Weight Loss Tool

The scientists of Norway are experimenting with Botox as a way to tackle obesity in a new wave of patient trials. It’s theorised that if Botox is injected into the lining of the stomach that food will be absorbed by the body slower, leaving patients feeling fuller for longer – figures suggest food absorption will be limited by 50%. The theory has been tested on some animals, and suggests that weight can be reduced by up to a third within about five weeks ... Read more

Accepting Cosmetic Enhancement as The Norm

Accepting Cosmetic Enhancement as The Norm A newspaper columnist this weekend wondered aloud if laser hair removal, botox and dermal fillers are now an accepted part of normal, every day modern life. Courthouse Clinics are seeing more and more patients every single year, and that's not unusual – it's been reported across the board that patient numbers are rising. 50,122 people were treated last year, and 90% were women. Reports suggest 70% of women want Botox for Valentine's Day, and surgeon Laurence Kirwan ... Read more

Is Botox the Key to Success?

There’s a new theory floating on the net, and that’s that to get ahead in business a younger, smoother face could be the key to success. In a world increasingly necessitated by a social media presence, pictures and videos have never held more value. With worldwide communications increasing, a presence on FaceTime, Skype, online webinars and Google Hang-Outs is often necessary, even for small business owners. Whereas a single corporate (and digitally enhanced) image might’ve navigated the aesthetic waters before now, in this ... Read more

Valentine’s Day Botox

New figures suggest that the women of the U.K. are hinting at Botox injections as their romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Traditionally, social media is awash with jokes leading up to the big day advising men to avoid petrol forecourt flowers, cheap chocolates, and nasty-looking lingerie. But seldom is anything mentioned about the offer of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement as the go-to surprise. Almost 80% of women want Botox from their partner this year – apparently, 78% say they’d be impressed if they were gifted ... Read more

Dr Leah Opens New Botox Clinic

Leah Totton, Lord Sugar’s Apprentice darling, has launched her first Botox clinic today. After winning the BBC1 series, Totton saw a £250,000 investment into her business plan for Dr Leah, a hub for facials, skin peels and botox. With the first branch in Moorgate, London, opened today, Dr Leah had Apprentice aide Karen Brady by her side as she pledged to abide by the strict medical rules of the industry, helping us all to uphold the high standard non-surgical procedures should have. That is, ... Read more

Botox for Effective Pain Relief

Claims have been made that Botox can potentially offer long-term pain relief for patients suffering with cancer and arthritis. A new type of Botox, invented by researchers at the University of Sheffield, is said to be able to offer pain relief for several months at a time and is perfect for suffers of everything from chronic migraines and back pain, to arthritis and cancer. Botox is traditionally used to block the signals from nerves that tell muscles to contract, causing muscle relaxation. Pain ... Read more

Accolades and Patient Praise for Courthouse Clinics

We might be the best in the aesthetic industry, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our patient experience, and one of the ways we do that is by asking for feedback after every treatment. Our annual survey results are in, and the results look great! We ask patients to rate us out of ten, and it’s looking very positive for all of our clinics. Here are the average scores: Watford 9.79/10 Haywards Heath 9.75/10 Sheffield 9.64/10 Wilmslow 9.63/10 Maidenhead ... Read more
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