Don’t Let Cellulite Spoil Your Self-Confidence This Summer.

Staying in shape isn’t always easy, even if you watch what you eat and take regular exercise. While perfectly natural, cellulite can be a stubborn, unsightly problem that many of us would like to eliminate, especially now that spring has sprung and shorts season is just around the corner. But what exactly is cellulite? What causes it – and what are the best treatments to banish it? Most women experience cellulite (that distinctive, dimpled ‘orange peel’ skin) at some point in their lives, even if they are not overweight. Cellulite is basically enlarged pockets of fat that are pressed upwards towards the skin’s surface by fibrous, inflexible tissue, and it usually appears on the thighs, buttocks, tummy and upper arms. A combination of genetics, hormones, diet and lifestyle are the most common culprits. Lotions and potions are largely ineffective, however there are plenty of advanced aesthetic treatments that have been designed specifically to break down those fatty deposits and significantly improve skin tone and texture. Courthouse Clinics offers a wide range of Body Contouring procedures, all of which harness the most advanced technology and techniques, so there really is something to address all concerns, including cellulite, sagging skin and wobbly lumps and bumps. A popular option is Endermologie– scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost circulation and improve skin tone. This treatment features a special handheld massage device that is rolled over problem areas to break down the fat, water and toxins that give skin that uneven, dimpled appearance. Thanks to this process, blood flow is increased; skin is exfoliated; and fat metabolism is boosted, giving you noticeably smoother, firmer, toned looking skin. Other effective body contouring treatments include Radiofrequency and Soprano skin tightening. Our Accent XL radiofrequency procedure uses heat to target subcutaneous tissue, to help break down fatty deposits, so it’s another effective way to target cellulite on all the usual problem areas. Soprano skin tightening can also help improve the appearance of cellulite. This minimally-invasive treatment uses high-intensity infrared light to painlessly heat up the skin’s deeper layers to stimulate the production of collagen and enhance surface skin tone, texture and tautness. With so many tried and tested treatments to help you achieve a slinky silhouette, there’s really no need to let cellulite spoil your self-confidence this summer. Call today on 0203 907 8828for expert advice, or to book an appointment.