Dr Leah Opens New Botox Clinic

Dr Leah Totton

Leah Totton, Lord Sugar’s Apprentice darling, has launched her first Botox clinic today.

After winning the BBC1 series, Totton saw a £250,000 investment into her business plan for Dr Leah, a hub for facials, skin peels and botox.

With the first branch in Moorgate, London, opened today, Dr Leah had Apprentice aide Karen Brady by her side as she pledged to abide by the strict medical rules of the industry, helping us all to uphold the high standard non-surgical procedures should have.

That is, apparently, why Lord Sugar supports her. He said he chose her as his business partner because of her entrepreneurial spirit. She wants to use her medical training to heighten regulation and excellence to the aesthetics industry, he said.

Dr Leah has gone on record to say her clinics will not fall prey to the “Teenage Botox” trend, as reported in the press recently, where children as young as 16 have been treated by industry cowboys.

She said: ‘Whilst we acknowledge that Botulinum toxin is used to treat medical conditions in all age groups, we cannot accept that its use as anti-ageing treatment in teenagers is in any way justifiable.

‘It is our position that this is extremely poor practice and raises important ethical concerns. Dr Leah Clinics will not be treating teenagers with Botulinum toxin for the prevention of lines and wrinkles.’

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