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An Innovative Treatment For Prominent Ears

Earfold ® is a thin, curved, metal implant made of nitinol, a lightweight super-elastic alloy of titanium and nickel widely used in medicine. Earfold ® is just 5mm wide, 15mm long and is coated with 24-carat gold, to reduce visibility under your skin.

What Is Earfold®?

Earfold® is a minimally invasive implant that lets you have a short recovery compared to otoplasty, with no bandages. But also allows you to choose the position of your ears before treatment.

The procedure typically takes about 20 minutes for both ears. Earfold® however is a medical treatment, so there are a few things to bear in mind afterwards:

Because of the local anaesthetic your ears may feel numb for up to two hours.
You may also feel some pain after the procedure, requiring only simple analgesia, which should fade within a couple of days.
There may be some swelling or bruising for up to 6 weeks after the procedure.
Your ears may feel a little sensitive, your doctor can advise you about this, it's fine to wash your hair or shower, just be gentle.
Since the incision for the Earfold® procedure is very small, the resulting scar is also very small, and should be unnoticeable after a few months.

Earfold ® has successfully treated prominent ears in adults and children aged seven or above. And since Earfold ® lets you choose the position of your ears BEFORE treatment, you decide how your ears will look.

Earfold® lets you choose the position of your ears before treatment.

Why Choose Earfold ®?

Earfold ® is made by Allergan, a global health care company that pioneered the development of medical aesthetic treatments over 35 years ago.

Earfold ® is a small implant designed to reposition prominent ears quickly. It offers many advantages compared to traditional surgery, including:
Short recovery - no bandages so you can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable.
You can choose the position of your ears BEFORE treatment.
Fast treatment - the procedure typically takes about 20 minutes for both ears.
The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic.

How Earfold® compares to traditional surgery.

Prominent ears affects around 1-2% of the UK population

Earfold®, who's it for?

Prominent ears affect around 1-2% of the UK population, and can negatively impact people's lives. Children in particular may suffer due to being teased, but adults also feel unhappy with how their ears look, which can reduce self-confidence.

Earfold ® has been specifically designed to treat both adults and children aged seven or above with prominent ears, and aims to help you get your self-confidence back.

You're In control

Unlike traditional otoplasty, Earfold® lets you choose how your ears will look before treatment.

During your initial consultation, you and your consultant will discuss how you would like your ears to look. Then they will change the position of your ears by using 1 or 2 temporary positioners per ear.

Recovery do's and dont's

To help your recovery it is recommended that you:

Try and sleep on your back for up to four weeks to avoid pressure on your ears

Try and avoid contact sports for three weeks

Try not to smoke for 3 months, because nicotine reduces the blood supply to your ear, which greatly increases the risk of complications. This is also true of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches or chewing gum

To reduce the risk of infection:

Clean your mobile phone with a wetwipe disinfectant before using it

Avoid wearing earrings for three weeks (or six weeks for earrings in the upper part of the ear)

If you have any concerns, don't hesitate, call your consultant who carried out the procedure immediately.

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