To find out what VASER® Lipo can do for you, we have provided a Cost Calculator that can determine your suitability for treatment as well as an estimated overall cost.

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VASER® utilises ultrasound technology to provide a gentler, more accurate treatment.

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    We are able to treat almost any area of the body with VASER® Lipo, from the face to the thighs. The innovative procedure allows for a high level of accuracy and is therefore much safer than traditional alternatives.

    Weight can have an impact on the results of VASER® Lipo.

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    VASER® Lipo is an inch loss treatment, not a weight loss treatment. It is best suited to those at or near to a healthy weight for their height.

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    VASER® Lipo can be used to sculpt and shape your body as well as remove areas of stubborn fat.

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    Unfortunately you are not a suitable weight for VASER® Lipo. This treatment is best suited to those at or near to a healthy weight for their height.

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    The above cost is an estimation calculated using the information you have provided us and may not match the quote your doctor provides after your consultation. Your suitability for treatment is also dependent on your consultation with a doctor. To book an appointment you can call on 0203 907 8828