FemiLift Changed My Life – A Patient’s Story

Written by Jenny – 35 (London)

I’d been bothered about my libido for years. After four pregnancies only a few years apart, my body had taken a bit of a beating. After I got divorced it was important to me to rediscover my sexuality again, and after talking it through with some close girlfriends I realised that I’d stopped enjoying sex because I could barely feel anything. Kids, stress, age… it had all affected me. Somebody told me that they’d read about FemiLift online, so I Googled it to find out more.

At first the idea of a laser vaginal tightening treatment really intimidated me, but to be honest I was so desperate to get back in the dating game with confidence that I knew I had nothing to lose, and so took the gamble.

Everyone was so lovely at Courthouse Clinics, and really considerate about my feelings and expectations. The support of everyone involved has been great. I feel like something younger, sexier, more alive has been reawakened inside of me – FemiLift has really made a difference to how I feel about myself.

I had four treatments over five months, and now, almost a year later, I can honestly say that if any woman out there feels as low about her sexual self as I did, FemiLift really can help. It’s done wonders for me! I’m with a new man now, and the most satisfied I’ve ever been. That’s in no small part due to FemiLift.