Free Laser Hair Removal Deal for “Werewolf” Family

Free Laser Hair Removal Deal for "Werewolf" Family

This week the press is awash with column inches on the Nepalese family with the so-called ‘werewolf syndrome’, who have undergone free laser hair removal deal in an attempt to defuzz their faces.

The poverty-stricken family, mother Devi Budhathoki, and her children Mandira, seven, Niraj, 12, and Manjura, 14, are covered almost entirely in thick, black hair. Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginose, to give it its medical name, has no known cure. Laser hair removal machines can significantly reduce hair growth, though.

The Dhulikhel Hospital in their country’s capital is currently treating the quartet at no cost. Devi has said how her children are bullied at school, but since starting treatment the school taunts have eased off. She has told press that her son, in particular, has no concern about any possible side effects associated with the process.

Devi’s husband told Reuters photographer Navesh Chitrakar that he doesn’t mind his wife’s appearance because a good man does not select a wife for her looks. Devi herself has declared that her own troubles are of secondary concern, and all she wants is to fight for a better future for her children.

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