Friends who Botox

amateur Botox application
Reports today suggest that up to one in eight people who’ve experience a non-surgical cosmetic treatment have had the procedure performed by an untrained amateur such as a friend. The government polled 2,000 people, concluding that 13% of people who have had botox, dermal fillers, or face peels have let an unqualified acquaintance wield a needle to their face. Even more surprisingly, one in 20 have also treated themselves. This year’s Keogh Report, issued from Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, the most senior doctor in Britain, highlighted the growing trend for “cosmetic cowboys”, and the danger they pose to patients. In response to his suggestions ministers declared that rules and regulation surrounding the industry must be strengthened. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are worth about £2bn annually, but currently there is little legislation to protect patients. A survey quoted online says 83 percent of people polled think only practitioners should be allowed to perform injectable treatments. Further suggestions from Prof Sir Bruce Keogh also advise that only doctors, dermatologists and nurses can prescribe injectables, in premises that meet acceptable standards. All practitioners should be registered, too. For more information on anti-ageing injectables from Courthouse Clinics, click here.