Fungal Nail Infections – Fact Or Fiction

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Fact Or Fiction – We Tell All

Only men get fungal nail infections – FICTION Fungal nail infections affect both men and women, young and old. However, it usually affects adults, is more prevalent in men, and becomes increasingly common as we get older. Nail polish causes fungal nail infections – FICTION & FACT Nail polish does not directly cause nail infections, however if you try to hide a nail infection by covering it with nail polish you risk trapping fungus and moisture. You might look good for a while, but ultimately you’ll worsen the infection. Fungal nail infections are highly contagious – FACT Keep your nails and feet healthy by maintaining cut nails and dry feet- especially between fingers and toes after showering. Change socks and air out shoes often. It can be beneficial to put anti-fungal powder or spray in shoes, and on your feet after washing. It’s advisable to avoid wearing the same shoes day after day, and of course don’t wear the same socks two days running.