Get In Shape For Christmas

Christmas is only weeks away, so there’s really no time to lose if you want to look – and feel – your best by the time the festive season properly begins.
Feel amazing with Alevere
Most of us over-indulge at this time of year, so it’s no surprise that many people associate the Christmas period with inevitable weight gain. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know that Courthouse Clinics could actually help you LOSE a stone in weight instead – before the party season even starts – with our Alevere Therapy? Created by doctors, Alevere is a non-surgical weight loss and body transformation programme that can help you reach your ideal size – and you won’t need to starve, or spend hours in the gym. Alevere combines a flexible, easy-to-follow eating plan (that won’t leave you hungry) with specialist in-clinic treatments that break down stubborn fat and tighten skin. And it really works: most Alevere patients lose between 6-12kg (13-26lbs) per month. What’s important to realise is that Alevere isn’t just for people with huge amounts of weight to lose – although it’s very effective if that is the case. Alevere is also suitable for people who’d like to lose just a stone or so. If that’s you – and you start now – you could be newly svelte by Christmas, and ready to rock the frock/show off the suit at this year’s office party. Alevere is simple, safe, fast and easy. Interested to know more? Call us now on 0203 907 8828 to arrange your Alevere consultation – and slim down in time for Santa!
The power of ProLon
If wellbeing, rather than weight loss, is your priority in the busy pre-Christmas period, then check out our new ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet – a five-day meal programme that’s clinically proven to promote health and longevity. It’s well documented that fasting triggers a number of long-term benefits, including cell regeneration, healthy ageing and fat-driven weight loss – but it’s difficult to do. The ProLon programme is a practical, easy-to-follow alternative to water-only fasting. In other words, it’s a ‘fasting with food’ meal plan that allows you to eat while your metabolism fasts, and you reap the health benefits. Best of all, the results are quick – and the changes last months. The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet features soups, snacks, energy bars, drinks and supplements, which are plant-based and contain no additives, preservatives or chemicals. And everything is provided in convenient, portable packaging, to it’s easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. The benefits of ProLon? Extensive research has shown that following the ProLon programme just two or three times a year boosts the immune system, and can cut the risk of heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, inflammation and other age-related diseases. In addition, followers lose an average of 5lbs of fat – and 1.2 inches off their waist circumference – on each ProLon cycle. If you’re keen to find out more about how ProLon could benefit you, both, call us today on 0203 907 8828. Your health and wellbeing are worth it!