Get Organised This Autumn: Plan Your Laser Hair Removal

Yes, we know the season of warm coats and woolly tights has only just begun, but believe us, Autumn is the ideal time to start a course of Laser Hair Removal. Shaved legs on sofa in winter Some things in life need a little planning and prep. So if you want to be silky-smooth next Summer, now is definitely the time to act. Laser Hair Removal is fast and effective. But to understand how it works, it helps to know a little about the four main stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.
How does Laser Hair Removal work?
Put simply, Laser Hair Removal needs to target hairs when they’re in the anagen, or active growth stage. This is when the hair is growing actively from the follicle, and the hair shaft is fully attached to the papilla. When the laser hits the hair in this stage of growth, its heat is absorbed by the hair’s melanin and transmitted to the papilla. From there it destroys the root, thereby preventing new hair growth. In the catagen or regression phase, the hair follicle shrinks and begins detaching from the papilla, so any laser absorbed now is less effective, as there’s no longer a strong, direct connection. In the telogen or resting phase, the hair has already detached. And in the exogen stage, hair loosens and is shed. In practice, what this means is that one treatment isn’t enough, as only a certain percentage of hair is ever in the anagen growth phase at any one time. For the best results, most areas need six to eight treatments, with some time in between. So if you wait until the hot weather arrives to start your treatment, it’s already too late!
Best in class
At Courthouse Clinics, we use only the very latest and greatest lasers, operated by experienced aestheticians. Our lasers can treat most hair colours, and all skin types. Our sophisticated equipment means treatment time is fast – literally minutes for smaller areas. And best of all, thanks to our sophisticated technology, the process is virtually painless! So don’t leave it until you’re ready to hit the beach to start your Laser Hair Removal. Get organised this Autumn instead! Call now on 0203 907 8828 to get your treatments booked. We look forward to seeing you in clinic very soon.