Give Your Immune System A Shot In The Arm

Winter is traditionally the peak season for coughs, colds and all sorts of viral illnesses – but there are sound strategies to protect yourself from those tiresome sniffs and snuffles. Vitamin IV Infusions are the ideal way to give your immune system a seasonal boost – and they’re available now at Courthouse Clinics.
What Are Vitamin IV Infusions
Adored by the A-list (Simon Cowell, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne are said to be serious celebrity fans), Vitamin IV Infusions are a fast, easy way of delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly and immediately into your bloodstream via an IV (intravenous) drip. This is so much more effective than simply popping a pill. More than one in three people take daily vitamin supplements, but not many realise that only 15% of the active ingredients consumed orally actually find their way into the bloodstream. That’s not the case with Vitamin IV Infusions, which deliver their benefits straight to your cells, for maximum impact.
 What can you expect after treatment?
The exact effects vary from patient to patient, but in general terms Vitamin Drips can boost wellbeing, increase energy levels, lift your mood and hydrate your body – all of which helps to keep you fighting fit, from the inside out, throughout the winter months.
Which Vitamin Drip should I choose?
Courthouse Clinics offers a range of different Vitamin IV Infusions, so you can select the best combination for your own personal needs. Choose from:
  • Ultimate Classic Myers Vitamin Infusion (replenishes vital vitamins and minerals; enhances energy levels; detoxifies the body)
  • Anti-Ageing Vitamin IV Infusion (stimulates collagen and elastin; hydrates and rejuvenates the skin; restores radiance)
  • Diet & Detox Vitamin IV Infusion (burns body fat; enhances energy levels; reduces the body’s toxic load)
  • Energy Booster Vitamin IV Infusion (boosts energy; replenishes essential nutrients; detoxifies the body)
For the best results, a course is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. The infusion process itself is painless, and takes just 30 minutes. You simply sit back and relax while the vitamins do their work! Our Vitamin IV Infusions are administered by our Advanced Nurse Prescriber Lucy O’Neill, who specialises in this treatment, so you’re in very safe hands. Interested? Call 0203 907 8828 for more information and to book. Winter (and Christmas) is coming – prepare and protect yourself now!