Tips to Beat Excessive Sweating

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Pardon the pun, but excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis – is the pits. We know. The patients who come to us for SweatX treatment, the only proven cure for overactive sweating glands, have told us some heartbreaking stories about living with the condition. So how else can you beat excessive sweating? Here are some tips. Adapt your routine The anxiety of excessive sweating can be as much as a contributing factor to your dampness as the sweating itself. It can help to know you’re prepared: avoid clothes that highlight sweat marks. Black, white, and plain colours can mask a multitude of sins. Loose clothing helps, as do natural fabrics: no Lycra or nylon. Dress shields exist, and can be ordered online to help protect your clothing. Aluminium Chloride Aluminium Chloride is the strongest kind of antiperspirant there is, and is sometimes so strong that it is only available on prescription. To maximize the benefit, make sure you only use this on clean, dry skin: wipe skin down with a towel before applying. You have to avoid shaving 24 hours before and after use, so that skin doesn’t become oversensitive, but over a course of up to three weeks application will become less and less frequent as it builds up. Eventually, applying aluminium chloride only occasionally will be enough to keep the sweats at bay. Avoid triggers Alcohol, spicy food, crowds… there’s a lot that can make excessive sweating even more difficult to deal with. Learn to avoid events and circumstances that exacerbate your sweating. Surprisingly though, the gym might not be one of these. By purposefully burning off the stress of the day you can reduce the adrenaline bursts that cause sweat signals from your brain to your sweat glands. It’s worth a try! Monitor your symptoms  Excessive sweating is a condition in itself, but new sweats can actually be indicative of a bigger problem. A-symmetrical sweating, where only one armpit or palm or foot sweats profusely might be a medical problem – normally, hyperhidrosis is a symmetrical issue. If you are at all worried, we recommend that you always consult with a doctor. You can never be too careful.