Interview with a Doctor: Dr Kishan Raichura

We have many wonderful staff, in many different roles, working for us at Courthouse Clinics. Together they form a winning team that delivers the latest and greatest selection of anti-ageing and wellness treatments. Today we catch up with Cosmetic Physician and Dental Surgeon Dr Kishan Raichura, associate of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, MBChB, BDS, BSc. Dr Kishan worked for many years in Maxillofacial Surgery (surgery of the head and neck). Doctors in this specialty have to hold qualifications in Medicine and Dental Surgery, and have a strong understanding of facial anatomy.  1. What made you choose aesthetics? I chose aesthetic medicine because it draws on my key strengths (I think so, anyway!) of anatomical knowledge; artistic appreciation of beauty and good looks; fine manual dexterity; and communicating with patients how they can achieve the best results. 2. Have you undergone any aesthetic procedures? I have had most – if not all – of the treatments I offer. It is wonderful to see the improvements and upsides to these procedures, which I know can make you look and feel your best. Equally I think it is important to experience [what happens during] an injectable treatment. When I counsel patients about [how it feels], risk and what complications might occur with any given treatment, I am talking from my own experience. And for me, the benefits I experienced greatly outweighed any negatives. 3. Do you have any particularly memorable patients? One lovely lady started crying (with joy!) after she saw her face in the mirror following an 8-Point Lift – that was a very emotional day. More recently, a male patient who wanted a stronger chin and jawline came to me for lower face contouring and kept showing his new definition to everyone in the waiting room after the procedure. Free PR for me – and it also made for a fun afternoon! 4. What are your three top tips for health, beauty & happiness? –> Skin health is simply a function of good general health. For example, if you’re a smoker, your skin can’t conceal it for long. All too soon there will be visible lines, sagging and loss of radiance – and all the skin care and Botox in the world won’t cover it up! –> Start some proper research and try looking at reducing stress, optimising nutrition and your work/life balance, achieving hormonal health and gut health, avoiding toxins and even perfecting your dental health. Next put into action a plan you can sensibly achieve. Then watch your skin glow with health from the inside out! –> Lastly, wake up, SMILE, take three deep breaths and drink a big glass of water. Wash, brush your teeth, apply deodorant and then SPF30 minimum every day. Then to have a really good day, write down or think aloud three things you are grateful for; three things you are looking forward to; and three things you can do to improve your day/ life in general.