Is Botox the Key to Success?

win with botox

There’s a new theory floating on the net, and that’s that to get ahead in business a younger, smoother face could be the key to success.

In a world increasingly necessitated by a social media presence, pictures and videos have never held more value. With worldwide communications increasing, a presence on FaceTime, Skype, online webinars and Google Hang-Outs is often necessary, even for small business owners.

Whereas a single corporate (and digitally enhanced) image might’ve navigated the aesthetic waters before now, in this new technological world customers are seeing us in real time.

It’s alleged that increasing numbers of men, in particular, are opting for injecatbles like botox or fillers, and plastic surgery, motivated by reasons of business.

A smooth, young appearance can signify a man who looks after himself, and is thus more trustworthy, allegedly.

Also, with the unemployment rate for over 55’s is lower than ever before, the baby boomer generation take longer to find jobs. There’s evidence that, despite laws prohibiting age discrimination, looking old (or older) can hamper efforts in the workplace.

“Appearance matters in a job search,” said John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based global outplacement firm.

Dr David McDaniel, a Venice beach dermatologist, has said a couple of years ago he had many 50-something, male middle managers coming to him because they were worried about keeping their jobs. “While such visits have tapered off somewhat with the improving economy, McDaniel still sees plenty of guys these days. He does laser skin resurfacing on the faces of men who have done too many sunblock-less rounds on the golf course, and he sees men in their early 30s for “pre-juvenation,” or treatments such as microdermabrasion designed to delay the onset of wrinkles.”

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