Keep Yourself Well This Winter With Vitamin IV Infusions

Autumn has well and truly arrived – as have all the undesirable coughs, colds and viruses that traditionally appear at this time of year. If you’re keen to protect yourself from illness, now is the perfect time to give your immune system a seasonal boost with our Vitamin IV Infusions. Woman in a citrus bath Many of us feel run down and tired post-Summer and pre-Christmas. The weather is colder, the days are shorter, and life starts to get very hectic as the festive season approaches. If you’re already feeling less than your best, Vitamin IV Infusions can help. They’re an easy, effective way of delivering essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly and immediately into your bloodstream via an IV (intravenous) drip. We all know that certain vitamins are essential for your body to work properly and stay healthy, but taking in enough of these vitamins can be difficult. Modern life is not always compatible with following a varied and balanced diet. Daily vitamin supplements aren’t a fail-safe solution either: often only a small percentage of the active nutrients consumed orally actually find their way into your bloodstream. Vitamin IV Infusions, however, deliver those essential nutrients straight to your cells. So they’re a great option if you’re keen to boost your general health, energy, mood and wellbeing before Winter well and truly begins to bite.
What does the treatment involve?
Your first treatment includes a consultation, to ensure suitability. Once that’s been completed, we’ll help you to select the best Vitamin IV Infusion for your needs. The treatment is administered by our Advanced Nurse Prescriber, so you can be sure you’re in safe, experienced hands. Each IV Infusion takes just 30 minutes – and the treatment itself is painless (although you may feel a slight pinch as the needle is inserted). Then you just sit back and relax, listen to music, or even read a book, as the vitamins get to work. Many patients start feeling the beneficial effects of their IV Infusion during the treatment itself. Others experience the benefits over the following hours and days, to feel refreshed, revitalised, re-energised – and fighting fit from the inside out. We offer a range of different Vitamin IV Infusions – tailored to combat specific issues – so you can select the best combination to suit your individual needs. Both single treatments and courses are available. Call today on 0203 907 8828 to give your immune system a shot in the arm this Autumn!