Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

In light of the recent media spotlight over the regulation of cosmetic treatments, more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks of laser hair removal, particularly regarding burns on the skin. Although complications from laser hair removal will arise across all sectors of the industry (including medical, nursing and beauty), having a sound medical knowledge of laser physics and an understanding of the potential pitfalls of treating different skin types will undoubtedly reduce the risk. If you´re considering laser hair removal, do make sure your practitioner is properly qualified, and that the practice is registered with the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service. You can read more about Laser Hair Removal at our London Clinic Here. Here at Courthouse Clinics, should any problems occur, our laser hair removal practitioners follow comprehensive guidelines, and ensure that a medical assessment is carried out. They follow strict protocols developed over the 14 years we have been using hair removal laser machines. The Care Quality Commission, using the top rated technology, approves these protocols. Soprano® – the world´s first pain-free hair removal laser – has proved to be a major improvement in terms of being more effective with reduced side effects. We keep the risk of laser burns to a minimum by ensuring all staff are fully trained and updated regularly. Most problems arise when treating darker skin types, and having a range of different technologies available to choose from is an advantage. The vast majority of side effects can be resolved with conservative treatment. The machinery will undoubtedly continue to evolve, and Courthouse Clinics will be using the best available equipment. At Courthouse Clinics, we´re pleased to report that our complication rate is less than 0.1%. Dr Patrick Bowler