Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? – Fact Or Fiction

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Is Laser Hair Removal  Painful? – Fact Or Fiction

Soprano Laser Hair Removal is pain-free – FACT
Soprano laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. You might feel a slight prickling sensation, particularly if the hair is coarse and dark, but for most it simply feels like a warm massage. Some laser hair removal machines can be quite painful for the patient but our Soprano ICE machines eliminate pain.
Men can’t get laser hair removal – FICTION
We see a lot of male patients who want to remove the hair on their backs, across their shoulders, or on the lower back towards the buttocks. Men can absolutely have Soprano Laser Hair Removal – however the high testosterone in men drives and strengthens the hair follicle so the hair tends to grow back. This means that Soprano Laser Hair Removal is more of a maintenance process that involves six-monthly treatments. This is not ideal, but it does last longer than a wax, and eventually hair growth will be stunted. View our Laser Treatments in London today!.
There are loads of lasers around like Soprano – FICTION
Other lasers are available, but no other laser currently on the market is pain-free like Soprano. Because of Soprano’s IN-Motion cooling system, there’s reduced chance of burning or scarring, and especially compared with traditional IPL results are much better. That’s why we use Soprano: we believe it’s the best. Soprano are constantly innovating and developing their products, too, so we’re proud to say that Courthouse Clinics are using the industry’s very latest technology.
The best Laser Hair Removal deals are on Groupon – FICTION
Courthouse Clinics do not list their deals and promotions on Groupon. This is because Laser Hair Removal requires a consultation, skin patch test and in-depth discussion with the Medical Aesthetician before you can be confirmed suitable for treatment. Check out our Promotions page for our current offers.
Laser Hair Removal can now treat black and Asian skin – FACT
Prior to the innovative Soprano Ice Laser, few Laser Hair Removal machines were able to treat darker skin types. Now treatment is available for any skin colour and most hair colours. View our Laser Hair Removal London page for more information.