Look and feel party-perfect this Christmas

We are well into November, which means it’s very nearly The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. So if you want to look and feel fabulous at all your Christmas parties and social gatherings, now is the time to book your injectables appointment. Our doctor diaries are filling up fast, so make sure you don’t leave things to the last minute.

The beauty of Botox

Christmas is magical, but it can also be stressful and tiring – especially if you’re the person responsible for making the magic happen! That’s seldom good news for your skin. Add cold weather and late nights to the mix, and it’s easy to understand why complexion perfection seems so elusive at this time of year, just when you need it the most. But there is a fast, effective solution. Botox smooths out lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, leaving you looking younger, rested and refreshed after just one treatment. Botox works by relaxing specific muscles, so they can no longer contract into grooves or worry lines. Regular treatments can also help to prevent new wrinkles from forming. Many people are put off Botox by the ‘frozen faces’ they see on certain celebrities, and on social media. At Courthouse Clinics, only qualified, experienced Doctors or Advanced Nurse Prescribers perform our Botox treatments, so you can be sure your face is in safe hands. Our medical experts receive regular training to refresh their injectable skills, and specialise in achieving natural looking results that subtly enhance and rejuvenate your appearance. So you look fabulous – but nobody need realise you’ve even had anything done!

Fabulous Fillers

Facial Fillers (sometimes known as dermal fillers) are another great treatment option if you want to look younger and fresher. Like Botox, they are an injectable treatment, but they aren’t muscle relaxants. Fillers feature hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies, but which decreases as we age. Facial Fillers can lift, firm and plump the skin, adding volume and restoring youthful contours. They can also reduce sagging, increase smoothness, and improve overall skin quality. Fillers are ideal for use on the middle or lower half of the face, and can be combined with Botox to provide all-round facial rejuvenation. Think of Fillers as a Liquid Facelift – with instant results and no downtime! Worried about looking ‘overdone’, fake, or puffy at your Christmas party? There’s no need. As with Botox, only qualified, experienced medical specialists administer our Facial Fillers. Our experts stay up-to- date with all the latest advanced ‘tweakment’ techniques, so you just look naturally fabulous and refreshed.

Get set for mistletoe kisses

Thinning or uneven lips can be very ageing. Conversely, a plump, shapely pout can transform your entire face, helping you look younger and fresher. If you’re keen to rock a festive red lip this season, let our trained injectors create that sought-after bee-stung effect. Our Lip Fillers can add volume, correct unevenness, reshape and define, for an enhanced yet natural look. Perfect if you’re looking forward to puckering up under the mistletoe with someone special this Christmas!

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