Michelle Obama on Botox

Michelle Obama on Botox

The First Lady of the United States, who celebrated turning 50 this weekend, has reportedly said she does not rule out Botox to preserve her looks.

Michelle Obama is famed for her healthy appetite for life: she advocates eating well, is famed for her high cardio workouts, and every sartorial move is followed by both the fashion world, and us mere mortals.

She has been quoted as saying that she would never say never to the helping hand at anti-ageing.

In the same week that Cameron Diaz admitted that she had tried Botox, it’s an interesting week for “coming clean” on the beauty secrets of women.

Botox, in particular, has had some bad press – mostly down to the bad results of unregulated industry cowboys. But stars are becoming increasingly comfortable with the notion of Botox as the perfect anti-ageing treatment.

With the right, qualified, doctor, botox can be injected into the forehead, crow’s feet, and bobbly chins. It isn’t pricey, can be done in your lunch hour, and leave both men and women looking fresh faced and youthful. That comment we hear a lot at Courthosue Clinics is that patients feel as thought they look like they’ve had “a really good night’s sleep”.

We always under-treat in our clinics, believing that botox can always be topped up, but only time will alleviate an over-filled “shocked” look from a bad practitioner.

Botox works by making the muscles that fold skin into wrinkles weak. It lasts about four to six months, after which time you’ll need to seek out another treatment.

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